My Hottest Domain Name Right Now

Earlier this morning, Rick Schwartz tweeted about the hottest domain name in his portfolio right now. It’s not a surprise to me, but the domain name receiving the most inquiries in Rick’s portfolio is is a great domain name, and there are millions of prospective end user buyers, albeit with small budgets. I imagine it could be used by an entrepreneur who emulates the Etsy business but exclusively with homemade products. When I look for unique gifts these days, Etsy is the place I visit.

In my own portfolio, the most inquired about domain name in the last few months has been There are companies and startups throughout the world that use the word “luminous” in their names, and there seem to be a stream of entrepreneurs looking to start businesses or rebrand their business with the word “luminous.”

Five other highly inquired about domain names in my portfolio:

  • (before moving to BIN lander on DAN)
  • (surprising given the pandemic)
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Homemade is a great domain but you need big pockets to launch a business on this domain emulating Etsy model.

    Our most inquired are in last few weeks are: – a huge category in itself with current market cap of $5.5 Billion and going up. Over 150 domains contain this term and so many site from big corps have their social casinos. Social Casinos have advantages over traditional/Online casinos and getting very popular. (and (and

  2. “I imagine it could be used by an entrepreneur who emulates the Etsy business but exclusively with homemade products. When I look for unique gifts these days, Etsy is the place I visit”. – Silver

    If the quoted statement is true, then doesn’t that vitiate every single doctrine, and law by domainers, king, queen, blogger, and know-it all?

    If Etsy is not just the Category killer, but the Universal killer domain name for what you are looking for, then it’s time to jettison, and throw into the trash bin all absolutisms from the experts.

    Or is it a question of don’t believe your lying eyes?

    • Etsy is a great and unique brand. Just because a domain name isn’t a word doesn’t make it lack value. Actual pronounceable 4 letter names (not contrived) have had substantial value for a long tine. I think would also make a great brand name.

      • I agree with all that, except to again caution that the absolutes, such as “4 letter” such and such, does not preclude 5-letter, or even 6-letter Words from great names; for example is a 7-letter brand,, and so forth.

        A great brand is a great brand.

  3. Been seeing a rise in inquiries on names starting with virtual and names oriented with education.

    now everyone go crazy and buy

  4. would be great option for an end user like CaseText or LexisNexis.

    My most inquired about DNs:

  5. The domain that has gotten the most inquiries/offers for me in the last couple months is Auction site bids, landing page offers/inquiries, emails & even a couple phone calls have happened. It’s more than obvious the virus situation peaked the interest in the name.

  6. Rick is such a bullsh!tter sometimes, bless his heart.

    He knows damn well why that domain is so sought after and I also pointed it out on his own blog probably at least a year or two ago now. is such a “hot” domain because of porn. That is why it’s worth at least 7 figures in any sale. Every other good possible use is just gravy to that.

    And now let him come in here and give me a stern rebuke or something and maybe even deny this, lol.

    • And frankly, some of the other best uses make it also worth at least 7 figures too, so I will even revise that and add “mainly” to “That is why..” up there. But the porn angle beats them all and he knows it. The rest are more just hypothetical by comparison.

  7. Not surprised at all. I notice an increase in inquiries on lastname firstname domains. It also seems like everyone thinks they deserve to have one. I often get replies like “you’re squatting on my name” duh. It also appears that potential buyers have discovered the use of whois info so I am wondering if they think the middle man is a problem.

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