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I read a Google Plus post from Media Options today announcing that the company is the exclusive broker for The domain name is owned by Houston-based  SSL  Corp, and I don’t recall seeing it on the market in the past.

I reached out to Andrew Rosener, CEO of Media Options, and he provided me with some additional details about the domain name and its earnings:

  • Price is $1.5 million
  • Revenue is not disclosed, but figures available to interested buyers
  • The company  signs and issues its own certificates
  • They are a “Sub-CA”

The SSL market is very competitive, and having an exact match domain name like this can be an advantage. Essentially, it’s already a proven business, although I don’t know the marketing costs that were required to drive the revenue. I wasn’t told why the company is interested in selling this domain name.

One thing a new owner will want to work on is its Google search rankings. I searched for a number of popular keywords (SSL, SSLs, SSL certificate, and SSL certificates), and it doesn’t appear that the website is currently ranking very well for those keywords. I suppose that indicates there is one major opportunity for driving revenue.

Should you be interested in acquiring this domain name, be in touch with Media Options.

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  1. This is a profitable business with a HUGE upside. Virtually no real marketing or SEO or promotion has been done to build this business. It’s been built purely on the back of the single most powerful brand in the entire SSL market…

    I think it’s cheap at this level and I’m confident we’ll sell it fairly quickly.

    • I disagree. I would much rather own, even if there wasn’t already a revenue generating business on it. The business is icing on the cake. is a solid name but not close to the value of in my opinion.

    • Hmm, is a good name, but the alexa ranking is 16,544,454, and the only thing that pops up on when I visit the site. Not exactly a money maker. I think that’s why people laugh when you ask for $250k. I’ll add my opinion too, hahahaha. There.

      Message me if you’ll take $10k for it, I can do something with it –

  2. While is a great brand, the commercial value of the domain is not evident. You have to wait till the right buyer NEEDS that “brand” in order to maximize the value of the domain. is the single most powerful, valuable & dominant “brand”/domain name in the single most competitive (and profitable) online services industry!!!

    SSL’s are more profitable than domain names, hosting, web development, etc…

    Symantec just paid $1.3 BILLION for Verisign just to get their hands on that SSL busines because clients like the “Checkmark”! is an 8 figure domain/business selling for low 7 figures! It’s a bargain and a half!

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