Mayor Koch Endorses DotNYC LLC for .NYC


Not only was Mayor Ed Koch one of the best mayors New York City has had, but he is also a philanthropist and has a great sense of humor. Today, Mayor Koch announced his support of and DotNYC LLC for the .NYC gTLD. In addition to a press release, the team from DotNYC LLC, which includes CEO Antony Van Couvering, released a video of Mayor Koch, which can be viewed below.

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  1. I’ve always liked Ed Koch. Many moons ago, when I used to bartend at Windows on the World atop the World Trade Center (RIP) I would see him a lot and he was always very gracious.

    However, I have a question. If Ed’s so hot and bothered about getting and (I sense more than a slight degree of BS here), how come he hasn’t developed or own Note: was registered for the first time on 06/02/09 and not by Ed. Guess he never cared to register it.

    Regardless, this is an excellent PR coup on Antony and Jothan’s part

  2. With all due respect, many things have changed since ICANN was founded. People who claim to have started ICANN were not involved. They arrived much later. ICANN
    was set up to BUY TIME, while DNS technology has been changed. Some of the changes are…

    1. Modern DNS software does not use any root servers.

    2. TLDs can be automatically selected based on DLD voting.

    3. The next generation Internet architecture places an intelligent “Node” at each home/office. The network simply connects the Nodes without getting in the way.

    It will be interesting to see how ICANN delays new TLDs for more changes to happen. The NSF is funding the GENI project to start over. That will take time. Also, the .COM RE-BID will take time. ICANN will likely claim nothing can be added with all of the new changes coming, that they do not control.

    .NYC is alive and well with a growing list of owners.

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