Klout Adds “Domainname” Topic


Klout, a social media analytics and ranking start up, recently added “Domainname” as a featured topic category. It doesn’t seem like Klout is giving this topic to many domain investors, but it appears that domain investing will soon be a viable and searchable topic on Klout.

When you click the “domainname” topic link, an error message of sorts pops up stating, “Sorry, we don’t have enough data to create a page for this topic yet. We’re continuing to grow, so please check back later!”

I would assume this new topic will eventually turn into “Domain Names” or “Domain Investing” as it’s of similar nature to SEO, both of which should be considered offshoots of the popular Technology topic. Since there are a few Domain Industry lists on Klout, I would assume that more domain name investors will have this topic added to their profiles.

I think it’s a good start and would suggest that the topic title be changed to one of the aforementioned titles.


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