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I remember many years ago when Iomega was one of the most well known Internet companies. was the domain name the company used for its website, and was originally registered on July 8, 1991. is certainly one of the first domain names ever registered. According to Wikipedia, Iomega is now known as LenovoEMC, and it previously traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the IOM ticker symbol.

I was looking at NameJet this afternoon, and I saw that is listed for sale under “The Drop” heading. I did a double take when I saw it, and sure enough, it looks like is in pendingDelete delete status. This status likely means the domain name will be caught and auctioned at a domain name auction house like NameJet, SnapNames, or DropCatch, depending on who catches it. The domain name is not currently resolving for me.

As a result of the domain name expiring, the original 1991 registration date will no longer be accurate. After the auction, the registration date will be a date in 2015 when the domain name was caught.

At the time of publication, there have been many backorders placed at NameJet, and I presume the same for SnapNames. The domain name is currently registered at CSC Corporate Domains Inc., and I am not sure if they have a deal with any of the major expired domain name auction houses to send their expired domain name inventory.

I am not sure if the Iomega brand is entirely phased out, but it looks like there are at least two active trademarks for Iomega in the USPTO database. I presume it would be difficult for someone to put the domain name to use after the auction. I am not a lawyer and certainly have no legal expertise to back up my presumption.

I will not be participating in the auction, but I will try to follow it to report on the price once it is sold.


  1. The brand is famous, however, regarding the two marks at the USPTO: one is past its 10 renewal expiration, and the other has been opposed to by the Omega corporation (watchmakers.) Too much litigation potential.

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