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I had a few questions about the .CM ccTLD domain names that are going to be auctioned at TRAFFIC Amsterdam this coming Thursday, and I asked David Clements, President of Rick Latona Auctions. The names that were initially released include, (my personal favorite),,,,,,,, and

1) Is this the first public auction of .cm domain names and how did you secure them?

To the best of our knowledge, these names have never been offered before.   What can we say?   We are aggressive and creative in creating deals and bringing new things to the table.

2) What are the annual renewal fees, are there any legal requirements to owning one of these, and are their any development requirements?

Renewal fees vary by registrar. There are no legal requirements to owning these names and there are no development requirements to owning these names.

3) Can .cm domain names be transferred to any domain registrar, and if not, where are they registered?

There are a couple of registrars that are accredited.   They are listed on the site,   the names can transferred between registrars.

4) Which .cm domain name at auction do you like best and why?

We want all of our names at auction to do well and it would be irresponsible for us to select one of them as a favorite.

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