Wanted: Website Calendar Software


I’ve been scouring Google for this, but have yet to come up with exactly what I need for Lowell.com, Burbank.com and Newburyport.com. I figure I will put out this request and hopefully hear from someone who knows of a calendar or who can build something for me inexpensively. I would prefer something “out of the box” though.

Calendar Needs:

1) Small calendar box, just as currently on the home page of the site.

2) When you click on the month or date, you are taken to a page on the site with search friendly (and unique)   URLs, such as http://www.burbank.com/calendar/2009/june or http://www.burbank.com/calendar/2009/may/30

3) All events for the day or month (whichever is clicked) will be listed on the page. So if you click on a specific day, you will arrive at a page with the individual daily events listed, with hyperlinks to take you to individual event listings.

4) Event listings will be indexed with search friendly urls, such as http://www.burbank.com/calendar/2009/summer-water-festival.php .   Meta description and keyword will be search friendly and stay indexed so people can find the event listing even if it already happened.

5) Web based calendar management system – not necessary for people to create their own log-ins unless that’s automatic, easy, or cheap to do.

Please post comments, suggestions, or price quote and I will be in touch.


  1. just read that you are looking for help with the calendar software, I would recomend http//www.xbok.com they are very good very helpfull and the prices they quote you wont find cheaper,

    good luck with everything,

    matthew davis,

  2. What about using a WordPress blog with some kind of calendar plugin? That way you get the friendly permalinks and it’s manageable via the admin panel, which you are more than familiar with.

  3. Thanks guys… a friend of mine is going to code something for me, and I should hopefully have it by the end of the weekend… if it doesn’t work out, I will look in to the blog idea.

  4. If you get something that works, why not make it available to the rest of us and make a little cha-ching? I’d be interested. Anyone else?

  5. Elliot,

    you may wish to look at phpcityportal.com

    they have what youre after i’m sure.

    I’m sure you could get it for free for your site’s even using the calender code.

    good luck.

  6. Can you share a link to what your friend coded when he’s done? Want to see what he came up with. eventorb.com provides registered users with their own calenders (eg. http://www.eventorb.com/egyaiku/calendar.aspx), which redirects to a standalone search engine optimized page with url’s like you specified, but you can’t necessarrily incorporate it into your website. To do that you’d have to buy a subscription to their co-branded version.

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