Industry Veterans Launch Redesigned Website

Domain name industry veterans Rick Kirkendall and Richard Lau have relaunched a redesigned website. As you might expect, the website is a “resume hosting & job service provider that allows job seekers to upload their resumes & employers.”

From what I understand, Kirkendall and Lau acquired the name within the past three years, and they started this joint venture shortly thereafter. The pair also own the plural

Despite the fact that the resume search term is ultra competitive in this difficult job market, consistently ranks in the top of Google and Bing for related search terms. The relaunched website looks sleek, is highly functional, and will presumably produce results for users and for its owners.

Congratulations to Rick and Richard on the re-launch. Wishing them both much continued success.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Elliot,

    I’m sure Frank thanks you for all of the traffic to his domain wwwresume.

    I agree with you that resume is sleek and functional.

    R, good luck with the site.

    • I really doubt wwwresume dot com gets any travel spillage from resume dot com. Resume dot com is probably get about 3,000 resume dot com hits in Google, while maybe another 2,000+ via type-in.

      With the recent resume builder relaunch, I see resume dot com generated a huge amount of traffic from the over 300,000+ exact match searches per month.

      People also search for free, builder, templates, format, and other aspects of resumes and cover letters. They would need to capture traffic in all areas of resumes.

      Frank does own ResumeWritingServices dot com, a stellar resume business domain. Moreover, he also owns ResumeFormat (superior domain to plural) and ResumeFormats, as well.

    • “I really doubt wwwresume dot com gets any travel spillage from resume dot com”

      I knew people would misunderstand after Elliot corrected the link.

      He originally created the link to go to wwwresume instead of resume. After he corrected it I asked him to remove the sentence to elliminate this explanation. But, he didn’t want to change any postings.

    • I’m on a short vacation in New Orleans and haven’t had time to clean up comments, although I did change the link when a couple people pointed it out.

      The problem with cleaning up comments is that I don’t edit what people post, and if I delete a couple comments it make other comments look funky.

      I assume people would realize I had posted a typo that was later fixed. If not, they do now!

  2. I remember when Don Lyons reached out to us about these back in the day… was purchased in 2007 for $300k and in 2010 for $400k

    Great Domains — Best Wishes on the project.

  3. Resume and resumes dot com are underperforming names. However, the recent launch has helped the singular domain to grow into a better website.

    I know all about resume domains because I once owned a nice resume portfolio. These are resume domains I acquired while everyone looked to register dot co domains.

    Another resume company is performing well because of these good names. One company also acquired another great builder domain that is their top service.

    The top resume websites don’t use the best generic resume domains. Resume-Resource dot com is a major resume website. There are a few hyphenated dot org and dot com websites that perform rather well without the best names (i.e.

    I once focused entirely on resume domains, but since then I moved into another lucrative niche niche. There are so many good niches that you can begin one and end another.

    I’m confident Richard Lau understands how to grow the two resume domains. They must have paid a nice sum, as I remember the two domains selling at $300,000 and $400,000, respectively. ResumeWriting dot com and ResumeService dot com sold at good prices ($66K and $28K).

  4. If Elliot doesn’t mind me asking his fellow readers this question:

    What are your thoughts on the value of my two Resume domains; MiniResume/, given the $300k & $400k the industry leaders sold for?

    Given your past extensive knowledge and work in this niche, DNM, would like to hear what you think.


    • @Steve M,

      Resume dot com and Resumes dot com sold far below their true market value. Moreover, the two resume domains are so generic that it would take a company and or person such as Richard Lau and his associated to invest into developing the better Resume dot com domain.

      How many end-users would pay above $1 million to purchase Resume dot com? The domain name is worth much more than a million. When people are searching for jobs, then Jobs dot com, specific generic job positions, and job companies such as Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder and other job websites are most popular.

      In the resume case, do you really need Resume dot com? How can Resume dot com make you money? Should an end-user invest $1 million in a generic domain that is most popular because of a resume builder, free resume templates, and other forms of information. Can you recoup your investment with offering a free resume builder?

      Sponsors could be job websites, services from Vault dot com, professional resume service companies, and others who may offer a bounty on resume postings and job postings. Education, resume, and jobs work together to make revenue. When you offer a free resume builder, you are relying on the traffic to convert into leads.

      MiniResume/s dot com are not your typical high search resume names. For example, a resume name with service, writing, template, builder, cover letter, a type of resume for a job position and other resume keywords.

      However, there is actual mention of a mini resume in search engines. Many recruiters and employers don’t have the time to read an entire resume and cover letter. Therefore, there is potential to develop the domains into a template site. Job seekers want reliable information and affordable services.

      It is up to you to determine the value. If you feel confident to ask 4-figures, then do so. Sell the domains as a pair. Create value into why a mini resume and mini resumes are necessary. The better domain is mini resume. Read about a mini resume. Use this information to show why the domains can make a great website and or a good pointer. Resume builder and templates are most popular.

      Good luck.

  5. Over the past several years, I have bought thousands and sold hundreds of domains, mostly .coms of course. My very first domain registration was (Tonga country code) for my wife’s resume preparation business. A little bit early, as a yellow pages ad with in 1997 probably didn’t mean much to people. Name has long since been dropped. (Still have though!)

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