Appears to Have Been Sold


It appears that the domain name has been sold sometime in the last week. transferred from corporate domain registrar CSC to Uniregistry. The domain name is now registered under Whois privacy proxy and has a “launching soon” landing page. Jamie Zoch was the first person to publicly notice the transfer of and speculate that the domain name was sold:

Based on the Whois email address using the domain name, it looks like had been owned by Sterling Jewelers, which I believe is a subsidiary of Signet Jewelers. That company owns a number of retail jewelry stores including Kay Jewelers, Jared Galleria, Zales, and a number of other retail businesses. Interestingly, it does not look like the valuable domain name is being used for a website right now.

From what I can see using, it looks like was being used to forward traffic to the Kay Jewelers website. I looked back several years, and it does not appear that had been used as an independent website. In fact, as far back as 2000, was used to forward traffic to

Assuming was sold, the purchase price is not publicly known. Because Signet Jewelers is publicly traded (SIG on NYSE), the price may be revealed in a future SEC filing. The company has a market cap of over $1B, so my guess is the sale price will not be shared.

If I learn any more about the sale, I will share an update.


  1. I love gold investing. I FINALLY got into domaining just to buy gold domains. I was aware of Kay owning Gold is just going up from here 🙂 I hope you don’t mind but since it’s the topic here. I have a website, and quite a few domains related to. mostly ideally for blogs / forum. I have others too mm I hope to turn into a mining pool when / if it’s ever adopted as currency via blockchain, where taxes are taken directly from transactions (I expect). Quite a few more but those are what comes to mind.


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