Going the Extra Mile Pays Off


Sometimes the best names you are able to buy are the ones that are the hardest to buy. If you go the extra mile to track an owner down, it can pay off very nicely.

A few months ago, I tried to buy a great descriptive domain name.  I emailed the registrant whose email address was his name @ the domain name, and it bounced. I called the phone number of the Whois, and I learned the registrant had sold off his company but retained the domain name.

I thought I hit a dead end when more research led me to a disconnected phone number, and I couldn’t find any good references for the domain owner in Google.

Further research enabled me to find out the guy’s nickname, which is the name he went by, despite having a different first name listed in the Whois. Even more research led me to a long lost comment he once posted on a website asking the author to get in touch, leaving a personal email address and phone number.

I called the number and left a voicemail and followed up with an email inquiring about the domain name. No response. I called back a month later, and again, I received no response.

Last week, around 2.5 months after reaching out, I received an email from the guy, thanking me for getting in touch with him.  He informed me that he is now semi-retired and moved out of the country but would consider selling his domain name. After a few more days and a couple of emails, we were able to strike a deal.

Persistence pays off. Most people would stop after a couple of attempts. Knowing what the name is, I can assure you that many people probably did stop because I got a reasonable price for the domain name. Ordinarily, I would be a bit leery of something like this, worrying that someone hacked his email account. However, his mentioning my voice message was reassuring.

The domain name I am buying is not important for this post, and I will probably end up flipping it in private. The lesson is very important and something you should consider the next time your email bounces or the phone is disconnected.


  1. I was in Cancun last week and admired locals selling stuff on the beach. I talked to my wife and wondered who would buy certain things they were selling since everyone is there just to chill out and relax.

    I also wondered why don’t they get a 8-5 job for a fix pay.

    Well – soon enough I figured out that they make “way more” than the 8-5 people and the key to their success is persistence, persistence, persistence!

    I have seen people next to us buy stuff a lot of stuff just because they were on the beach and because they wanted to bring something to their kids, wife, neighbors etc.

    And after only a few sales (two maybe three) they were already making more than the people working 8-5.

    While observing them I thought about domains and my online ventures and I promised myself to be more outgoing and persistent!!!

    If one person or a group of people doesn’t need/want something doesn’t mean no-one needs/wants it.

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