GoDaddy to Host Domain Buy Service Hangout


For customers who want to buy a specific domain name but don’t really know how to go about doing that, there are a number of services offered by companies like Domain Agents and registrars like GoDaddy and Network Solutions. I would imagine GoDaddy’s Domain Buy Service has considerable volume due to the company’s footprint, although I have only received a couple of inquiries and no closed deals that I can recall.

Yesterday afternoon, GoDaddy tweeted about an upcoming Google Hangout to discuss its Domain Buy Service:

As I generally do when I see something like this, I reached out to GoDaddy’s Joe Styler to ask for some details about the Hangout. Here’s what Joe told me:

“We are doing a hangout on our Domain Buy Service. Mike Rogers, the manager of the Domain Buy Service team will be talking about the service and the team he runs. Domain Buy Service is something we sell to help people who want to buy a domain that is taken already but not for sale in a traditional marketplace. We have a team of people who work with the buyer to help set a budget and negotiate a deal for them, if the domain owner is interested in selling. The customer gets one point of contact who can advise them on the current market, negotiate for them, verify funding with the seller and help with moving the domain name to the buyer.

We have had a great deal of success and have a lot of happy customers of all sizes who have gotten the exact name they wanted from small businesses starting out to fortune 100 companies who want to remain anonymous. We will talk about the process and the team and highlight some of the names we have gotten that have made a difference for the buyers and then open it up for questions from the audience.”

This free Hangout will take place today at 2pm EDT (11am PDT). I am sure the video will be published on YouTube for those who miss it.


  1. Heather Dopson is an excellent communicator and GoDaddy’s decision to have her co-host the live studio will be a success.

    Thanks DomainInvesting for reminding to watch and compliments to GoDaddy for producing the improvement.

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