GoDaddy Hiring Director of Product Management for Domains Aftermarket


GoDaddy posted a job opening, and the new hire will likely have an impact on the domain name business. GoDaddy is looking to hire a Director of Product Management for its Domains Aftermarket. I believe this covers everything from GoDaddy Auctions to Afternic to the company’s NameFind domain name portfolio. As such, the new hire will play a role in developing and managing products and services used by domain investors.

Here’s an excerpt from the job listing, which covers the primary role of the position:

“GoDaddy is looking for a Dir. Product Manager to join the Domains Aftermarket who is passionate about building brilliant product experiences used by millions of customers globally. In this role, you will set the vision and product strategy for the secondary domain market. GoDaddy has the largest marketplace in the industry, helping organizations and domain professionals around the globe to buy, sell, and monetize premium domain names. You will lead a team of product managers and work closely with stakeholders such as UX, design, development, marketing and business development in a truly Agile approach. And you will partner with other product leaders across GoDaddy to ensure the key insights and tasks our customers need are surfaced to deliver against your product vision. You are data-driven, iterative in approach, and relentless in delivering innovative customer-focused products.”

Domain industry experience is neither a requirement of the job nor is it mentioned in the section about what a great candidate should have. Personally, I think hiring someone from outside the industry could bring a new perspective and could help foster some innovation in the space.

The location for this is listed as “Cambridge, Massachusetts; Sunnyvale, California,” so I presume the new hire could work from the company’s Cambridge, Massachusetts office or from its Sunnyvale, California office. My guess is there are teams in both locations, and the person will work with both from one location or the other.

If you know of someone that would make a good candidate for this job, you should let them know about it. I know a couple of people from outside of the industry that might find this interesting, and I am going to send it along to those people now.


  1. Personally, I think GoDaddy should hire someone with at least some domain Industry experience.

    The domain Industry is unique to say the least.
    Piss off one domain Investor off, good chance you will the rest as well. Lol

    Domainers also respect people more who have been inside the domain bubble before, than an outsider.

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