GoDaddy HangOut to Discuss Aftermarket Purchases

GoDaddy will be holding a Google Plus Hangout to discuss buying domain names on the company’s aftermarket platform. The event will be held on the company’s Google+ page on October 2, and it will begin at 7pm and last for one hour. There is no cost to attend the event, and the event is open to anyone interested in learning more about GoDaddy aftermarket domain name acquisitions.

Leading this event will be Joe Styler, Aftermarket Product Manager at GoDaddy, and Brian Cowen, Lead Domain Broker at GoDaddy. It looks like they will share advice and strategy on how to buy domain names via GoDaddy’s aftermarket (auctions and private acquisitions). Participants can submit questions to be answered during the hangout. It also looks like people can submit questions or comments in advance, and I assume those might be addressed during the event.

I have found that some people get confused about the various GoDaddy aftermarket listings, so hopefully this will educate a small sector of end users. Personally, I am hopeful the company will make some changes to its aftermarket, as it has confused a couple of my recent prospective buyers (ie someone confused about a minimum offer of $3,000 vs. a buy now listing). With GoDaddy’s expansive reach, I could see their aftermarket growing into a platform that is more beneficial to domain investors, but I digress.

GoDaddy hosts a variety of Google+ Hangouts aimed at helping small businesses and small business owners. I would imagine this Hangout is also targeted towards small business owners who want to learn about buying a great domain name in the aftermarket rather than domain investors, but perhaps domain investors who don’t frequently use GoDaddy could learn something, too.

If you think you could benefit from this Hangout, you should sign up in advance to add it to your calendar.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Godaddy stop side stepping the issues, put in usernames, and have a bit more restriction on bidding limits from foreign countries like India. You have all been burned by over aggressive bidders without the bankroll to make the purchases, why not start at the obvious, even people within godaddy say the same thing, yet you keep wasting time with such roundtables. If you don’t want to hear the solution, why waste everyone’s time?

    • Hi Ron,
      I can understand you might have had some issues with someone in India, but to paint all Indians on the same page is not right. I too make domain purchases and am from India so do you mean to say that people from India should not make purchases? We too are buyers and buyers are international. I too have had a couple of transaction issues and the sellers were based in US so do I say that everyone is like that? No. I still do many transactions with US customers / sellers. If someone from GoDaddy is saying the same thing, I would love to hear a clarification from the people who are saying such things. Already marked this post to GD and hope to hear from them soon on this whole issue.

    • CN
      I am not aware of anyone at Godaddy who would say such a thing. We value our customers all over the globe. I personally have had the privilege of being part of several webcasts on the Aftermarket led by GoDaddy for customers based in India over the past year, and was lucky enough to help represent the GoDaddy aftermarket at World Hosting Days in Bombay this past May. It was an honor to meet so many fine customers face to face.
      I think your point is valid, there are bad actors in any group and we continue to revise our platform to address them and minimize any impact to our customers.

    • Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I am aware that corporates today are looking at globalization in a new perspective. Over the year, GoDaddy has grown in terms of how the overall quality of the product is delivered. Support has improved considerably and am hopeful that it also gives equal focus to the reseller platform that it runs. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the mention. This hangout will be an intro level with a high level overview of what the Aftermarket is, why names have value, some free appraisals from names submitted by the audience, and how to navigate our Aftermarket. This is geared toward the end user but we will be doing a series with more in depth coverage of such things as backorders, premium names, valuation etc. When we do those we will get the word out to the domain community as we believe they will be beneficial to people of any knowledge level.

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