GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving to do 2nd Reddit AMA


Shortly after becoming CEO of GoDaddy, Blake Irving participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) discussion. Following Blake Irving’s AMA, I posted a recap of the event with the questions I felt were relevant as someone who buys and sells domain names.

This evening, Blake took to Twitter to announce that he will participate in a second AMA session on Reddit. The AMA will take place this Wednesday, September 2nd at 12:30 eastern time.

There are a few important topics I would be interested in seeing Blake discuss, including the following:

  • How  has the Marchex portfolio performed for the company, and does GoDaddy have plans to be more acquisitive in the domain name aftermarket?
  • Thoughts on how the new gTLD domain names are selling compared to GoDaddy’s internal projections.
  • Why GoDaddy stopped putting out coupon codes that could be used by domain investors and whether the coupon codes may return in the future.
  • If there are any changes coming up in the aftermarket that may help people sell their domain names.
  • How the company continues to address security issues (kudos for recently setting up international 2 factor authorization)
  • Will GoDaddy be promoting the new extensions more heavily in the future, and does GoDaddy have plans to try and educate consumers about the new extensions?
  • How has going public impacted day to day operations for the company?
  • In light of last year’s Super Bowl commercial blowback, does GoDaddy plan to advertise again?

I think sessions like these are good opportunities for people to pose important questions for the CEO in a public manner. I understand Blake is pretty good about responding to email requests and comments, so if you have a more pressing (or private) issue that you need to discuss, that might be a better way to do it.

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