Go Daddy .LA Auction Ending Soon

Along with Go Daddy’s repositioning of .LA domain names, the company is also hosting an auction of .LA domain names. Individual auctions are concluding within the next few hours.

There are just under 275 domain names included in the auction, and the domain names I searched appear to be registered to a company called “Dot LA Marketing LLC.” You can read more about the company and the Go Daddy partnership in a Los Angeles Daily News article published a little over a week ago. According to Go Daddy’s Paul Nicks, “GoDaddy is running the auction and does not have any ownership in the domain names.”

The minimum bid on the domain auctions is $100. The domain name with the highest bid currently is Simply.LA, which has a high bid of $560. At the time of this post, the five auctions with the highest bids are:

  • Simply.LA at $560
  • Stay.LA at $515
  • Inside.LA at $510
  • Venture.LA at $510
  • CheapTickets.LA at $405

With Go Daddy’s new support of the .LA domain extension, I would imagine we are going to see more .LA domain names come up for sale on the aftermarket in the near future. Personally, I am a .com domain investor, but I am going to keep my eye on the market as well as keep looking out for Los Angeles and Louisiana based companies using .LA domain names for their websites.

In my opinion, adoption is going to drive the aftermarket value for extensions like these as well as the new gTLD domain names that are coming soon. Should there be significant adoption of these domain names by local businesses, it’s likely the aftermarket will see a lift (presumably only good keyword names related to the geographic area).

I don’t see any “killer” keyword names at auction here, like Hotels.LA, Dining.LA, or Doctor.LA, and I am not planning to bid on any of the auctions.

Update: Auction is over, and the results can be found here.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. The beginning rounds of pump and dump.

    Soon we will see 100’s of blog posts on .clusterfuck auctions.

    Only ones benefiting are:

    1. Domain bloggers and future advertisers

    2. Godaddy

    Save your money, buy a nice type in traffic .com domain with a commercial meaning then this junk.

    • Just to be clear, Go Daddy did not pay me anything to write this, and there are no affiliate links in the article. I am not a part of the company’s affiliate program. The only benefit to me is the traffic, although I could write an article about almost anything and drive traffic.

      I think Go Daddy’s marketing helped with .CO awareness, and I bet it helps with .LA. There’s a lot of interesting things (to me) beyond making money flipping and monetizing domain names. I don’t own a registrar or registry (yet anyway) but those businesses are a part of our ecosystem.

  2. I’m starting to get tired of all these random TLD auctions and I guess the worst is yet to come. Of course this is not a critique to Elliot or what he posts on his blog, but rather to the various auction houses and marketplaces that are getting so spammy with their emails promoting this stuff.

  3. Understand, its a news story.

    I was not saying anything about your advertisers to be clear.

    I am predicting we will see more .clusterfuck posts and a lot of investors will get burned. History will repeat itself.

    Build a brand-most over rated commented I am hearing.

    I am still saying this.. Bloggers will benefiting from .clusterfuck, more money to them. Dont you agree on that remark? And the other benefit to all this pump and dump are companies like godaddy, name.com and etc. Its a business to promote.

    Elliot, your a smart guy, but lets puts things in perspective at same time. Just my 2 cents. Dont agree with me, thats cool. I used to believe domain industry will grow from all this, its a train wreck waiting to happen. Things will great, jobs, vc money, and guess what history will repeat itself.

    Lets brand on .LA LOL. JUNK. JUNK. JUNK. At least with .me, its done well.

    • I know what you meant, but I didn’t want anyone else who doesn’t know me to think I posted it as a way of making money from the sale of these domain names.

      It’s pretty clear who is advertising, but I wanted to make it abundantly clear.

  4. Reading more things from big investors, maybe .com guys are more nervous then newbies? I dont know.

    Use your best judgements, going be a wild ride, the good, the bad and the ugly.

    • My perspective is that if I think there’s an opportunity, regardless of extension, I will explore it. Right now I almost only buy .com, but that may or may not change. It depends on how things go.

      At the end of the day, everyone should ignore the marketing and hype and follow the end user market. This is where the most money is made, IMO.

  5. Agree on last statement. But we seen godaddy do crazy things before. Its one thing, then the next thing. I like godaddy but when it comes to pump and dump dont care for it and end users more confused at the end of the day. I think its right to say this with bloggers, pleasing the advertiser and more money in there pocket. Not write from the heart. Time will tell, bloggers in blogging to make money. Will there be opportunity, yes. Maybe 3 out of every new extensions will actually take off. How many years is this away?

    No one will fuck with .com. Simple as that.

  6. It would be nice if you would request a little civility Elliot. I’m so tired of the foul language. Is this the level of professionalism you’re looking for in the readers of your blog? From the first post to the last, it’s just not pleasant to read. I’m sure it pushed a lot of participants out.

  7. Most are narrow minded and only a few are like a visionary. Who’d have thought like 10 years ago that Yahoo would no longer be no 1 internet browser in a few years prospective? The same thing may happen to .com especially in places like .nyc or .la or fields of interest like .art

    • “Who’d have thought like 10 years ago that Yahoo would no longer be no 1 internet browser in a few years prospective?”


      Since when did Yahoo even have a browser?

  8. “Most are narrow minded and only a few are like a visionary.”

    I agree. There were plenty of visionary people who saw the potential of the internet before 99.9% did.

    If you are talking about gTLD there is a fine line between a visionary and a sucker falling for the Snake.Oil dream.


  9. I do want to say that I bought 2 .la names in 2011. I bought them after listening to a Domainsherpa interview of Page Howe who was involved with thenew.la site. Every name I put in was taken except the 2 I bought. I think the capturing of Los Angeles business in the .la is interesting. Actually, one of my names connects with Los Angeles and the other connects with Louisiana. They cost $50 to register in 2011. I still have them and as with my 98% .com portfolio, they are just sitting there until I decide what to do with them.

  10. The coming Tsunami of new gTLD’s will certainly have a significant impact on the .com market and especially for the major .com domain investors who are going to find a sudden reduction of the volume of offers coming in to their inbox every day. .Com will be the king still, but things are about to change a bit for the royal household.

    Business is about supply and demand. The universe of domain speculators is very small. Although everyone knows the long term outlook for the gTLD’s is going to be a very rough ride and in the end the majority will #FAIL, in the short term, for probably at least the next 5 years, there is going to be a huge speculation opportunity to grab tons of really great qualityy keywords and flip them right away for a reasonable markup to another speculator or end user, like we’ve seen happen over and over in all the other .whatevers that have played the market in the same fashion.

    However unlike the limited number of extension speculation games in the past, now we’ve got thousands hitting all at once and all these games will divert capital away from .com’s which will create less liquidity in the resell market and reduce the size of the buyer pool. So there will be a lull for .com interest, but it won’t be forever.

    So pick your “extension” gaming tables wisely as the domain name casino expands like a Vegas mega resort hotel and play to win with the proven “don’t be greedy” strategy. Get in, score a quick win, and get out. Repeat over and over until you see the collapse of interest point ahead in that extension and then go to the next “hot” extension table.

    If you are a smart, disciplined and astute domain flipper investor, and buy only good quality keywords with quick resell capability, you will be able to make a ton of money in the next 5 years.

    Just remember the golden rule of casino style investing, the house always wins UNLES you take your winnings and quickly walk out before you lose it all back to the house.

    So the winning strategy is IN, WIN, OUT, NEXT EXTENSION, REPEAT.

  11. I think BullS asked me what the names are. Thank you for asking. Saints.la and Persian.la. I’ve never had good results with parking my names. Yes, they could collect dust until Hell freezes. I am an optimist and I keep trying.

  12. autorental.la

    You KNOW where they are, you KNOW what they do….The la basin is a HUGE market.
    You doubters may just be left at the pier.

  13. Elliot, your silence is deafening. I’m quite insulted by BullS. I took a chance, dicey moniker and all. I tried to have a legitimate dialogue and of course a crass response was posted. It’s your blog, if you allow participants to post personal attacks, I’m done.

    • I am sorry that you are insulted by his childish comments. I do not censor comments on my blog unless they are threatening, racist, or otherwise obscene. I think some comments are annoying to read, but it comes with the territory.

  14. so im a full on .la investor and supporter, no stake in .la just own names.

    i think elliots post was informative becuase although godaddy did some pr, and put the .la auction on the auctions page, it never made the real front page, still the small business guys and gals.

    and new tlds are either the driving force behind our entire market, in the registrars, auction houses, icann and almost everybodys focus…

    or the driving force behind reducing the value of .com names as huge supply comes on board..

    or a waste of time and money.

    or as i think, just an example of everyone wanting what they cant have..so heres a chance ot have great keywrods in a new tld equivalent, with no sunrise or landrush ipo pricing.

    dont hate, dont bash, just dont invest
    or diversify a bit

    for thsoe just watching, heres a real live test of whether a semantic url, one that segments the internet, and is a geo tld has any traction.

    so thanks for the illumination Elliott, i firmly believe in the realm of your domain community watching..

    the frustration for everyone is this- everyone will invest in.LA when its a sure thing…and when its a sure thing you wont be able to find great names- meaning for resale profit as a domain investor….

    so for everyone who said they would have bought 100’s of coms in the 1994-97 time frame if they would have only known….. probaby woulndt have becuase there were huge risks then..and even those that did…wont take that risk again…….

    we think .la is a reasonable speculation – simply put, for the price would you rather have the 150,000,001st best .com or the 20-30,001th best .LA – this is a pure guess i have no idea the size of the registry.

    elliot if you allow links we are facebook.com/ladomains on facebook- ok to delete if not allowed.

    thanks. bring on the bashers. my first salvo..there are no good or bad names- just names and good prices and names at bad prices.

    page howe

  15. I own a lot of .al names (Albania – but also Alabama) however I own the top, top ones, including major cities .al. The names Go Daddy auctioned off are a joke.

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