Sold via Sedo for $160,000

According to a tweet this morning from Sedo domain name broker Albert Schimmel, the domain name was sold via Sedo for $160,000:

At the time of publication, is registered privately at GoDaddy, so the current registrant (and possible buyer) is unknown. Historical Whois records at DomainTools shows the domain name has been registered under Whois privacy for several years. It is not clear if the domain name transferred yet, but I believe Sedo has a policy to only report domain name sales after they have transacted. The domain name does not resolve to an active website at this time.

Assuming the domain name was acquired by an end user rather than an investor, I would not be surprised to learn that the domain name was acquired by a company called Glance, described as “the world’s first screen zero platform.” The company just announced a $45 million investment from Mithril Capital. That company currently uses the domain name for its website, and I think would be a solid upgrade. Interestingly, the company also uses the Glance.World url in its Twitter profile.

There are quite a few other companies that use “Glance” in their branding, and it would be quite a coup for any of them to get the brand match .com domain name at a pretty good price. There is Glance Pay, Glance Networks, Glance Technology, Glance Marketing, At a Glance, Glance Creative, and many other companies that have Glance as a major aspect of their branding.

Once the sale is recorded in DNJournal and NameBio, it will rank as the 24th largest domain name sale of 2019 (to date). It will also be one of the 10 largest publicly reported domain name sales of the year for Sedo.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Glance -zero screen app, is part of the multi-million InMobi group.
    Keeping fingers crossed that they have acquired the dot com…

    • Seems like a good buy but I don’t agree with your assessment. Name had a for sale landing page for a while and was marketed by at least two brokerages in the last year. Not sure what more could be done, although perhaps waiting out the Glance app mentioned in the article would have produced a higher result. Hard to say, especially not knowing the seller and it’s requirements.

      • I’m sure many of us have sold names too cheap (I have). Here is what I would say is common mistakes.

        Getting a broker to market a high quality name like this (would have sold itself and any marketing devalues it), putting a price on it, being impatient, taking advice from a broker.

  2. I sold GlancePay(com) to Glance Pay several years ago for low $xxxx. It was a hand reg and I flipped it on outbound not long after registering it. Great guys as I recall.

    If it’s them this time, they got a great domain.

    I just wish I had asked more back then… lol

    • One of my domains was acquired for 8500 last week. Learned it was a healthcare company with a multi-billion market cap. Better to not have seller’s remorse and move on, or it will drive you crazy.
      100% of my domains have been acquired by end-users since 2009. and that’s well over 50 domains. Maybe closer to 70. But zero 7 figure sales. I’m merely an amateur.

  3. As far as I can see, it looks like Sedo has also just sold (“Sexe” in French means “Sex”) for 210,000 EUR … the name was pushed to auction probably after getting that offer …
    Transfer has not been started yet, but, if confirmed, the seller is Virtual Network SA, which also owns and other top names.

  4. I received offers for keyword “Glance” domains I own in 2 other extensions over the weekend.. In fact, I purhcased one in an auction 2 months ago for 1700. Related or coincidence? No idea.

    I agree – for 160 K is cheap, as so much technology will be glance-driven. A similar name I own, Gaze, was acquired 1 1/2 yrs ago by a well-funded startup via one of the top IP brokers in the USA.

  5. Waaaaaaay tooooooooooooo cheeeeeeeeeap!

    Just goes to show what happens when you try to sell something yourself on Sedo and not through a domain broker who will maximize your return. The uneducated Seller left a ton of money on the table here. Meanwhile, the Buyer is laughing all the way to the bank.

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