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Yesterday, I published an article about a company called Healthy.io. I praised the company for incorporating its .IO domain name within its branding, making it less likely that people will make a mistake when navigating to the startup’s website or sending email to employees. I found an even better example of a company’s wise usage of its ccTLD domain name.

This morning, several tech publications covered the news of a major funding round for a company called Element AI:

Like Healthy.io, Element AI also uses a ccTLD domain name: Element.ai. The difference is that Healthy.io incorporates its domain name within the branding but Element AI does not include the dot within its branding.

Because the dot and specifically the .AI aren’t totally clear with Element AI, there could still be some confusion regarding its domain name. Smartly, Element AI also owns its brand match .com domain name as well: ElementAI.com. Whether someone visits Element.ai or ElementAI.com, they will end up on the same, correct website.

Element AI uses its .com domain name for its website, but I think having both of these domain names makes choosing the domain name to use a bit less important. I think they could have stuck with the .AI and forwarded the .com if they wanted to do that. The only risk is that the company doesn’t own the high value Element.com domain name so there would be a possibility for confusion if they uses the .AI as the primary domain name.

The other thing I noticed is the positioning of the “AI” within the logo. I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but by having it in the position they have it, viewers will not accidentally mistake it for the name Elemental.

I think it is wise for non.com users to incorporate their extension or at least the word that makes up the extension within the branding to avoid confusion. Element AI takes it a step further to prevent traffic and email leakage by owning both domain names.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • Thank you for bringing my error to my attention. I made a few updates.

      The point is the same though. Owning both domain names is a smart move.

  1. I worked with Element .ai in its nascent stage. Yoshua Bengio, the founder, is brilliant and with Geoff Hinton,the fathers of deep learning. Unlike most tech startups, Element Ai is very business and marketing savy. And IP mavens — lots of patent and TM filings.
    Google will probably acquire the company – prediction only — I’m no longer affiliated with company (as of January, 2018) as I couldn’t move to Montreal. Or they may decline all acquisition offers, as Element Ai has become a great source of pride in Canada, and it’s incubating many Ai companies in Canada and creating an ecosystem and hub for AI through Montreal and Toronto.

  2. Hi Elliot,

    I think the use of Ai in the logo / company name to project as a separate Element on its own…like they use in periodic table…elements as they are integral part of Chemical bonding and essence of life forms…

    I think that is the idea of usage… AI as an element of future computing.

    Just a guess…


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