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Last night,  Donuts sent out an email via its newsletter list to announce the forthcoming availability of “more than one million previously unavailable web addresses” across the company’s top level domain extensions. Included in this will be two character domain names as well as some of the more desirable keywords.

The domain names will first become available through a 7 day EAP program. The available domain names can be bought at various retail registrars that carry Donuts’ domain names, although I was unable to get pricing information from the company. Donuts will be staggering the availability of these domain names by extension, and the launch dates can be seen below.

With the permission of Donuts, I have republished the newsletter below:

Donuts Announces Release of Over  1 Million Previously Unavailable Web Addresses

Donuts is pleased to announce the approaching availability of more than one million previously unavailable web addresses across our top-level domains. These represent some of the most highly sought after and desirable web addresses in Donuts’ portfolio, including permissible two character addresses, and this will be your first (and perhaps last) opportunity to register.

Donuts will offer registrations via our Early Access Program (EAP) for the first seven days of their availability, as we anticipate significant interest for these highly coveted addresses. The release of these names will begin on June 10, 2015 and will be staggered in batches (see dates below).

We recommend getting in touch with your preferred Donuts Accredited Registrar now for more information about securing these great names.

Launch Dates TLD Categories
June 10, 2015 Photography
June 17, 2015 Business
June 24, 2015 Generic & Fun
July 1, 2015 Technology
July 8, 2015 Education
July 15, 2015 Foods & Goods
July 22, 2015 Shopping
July 29, 2015 Property
August 5, 2015 Building
August 12, 2015 Services
August 19, 2015 Healthcare
August 26, 2015 Financial

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