Domain Tools I Use Daily


There are a number of tools that I frequently use to evaluate domain sales and acquisitions. Some of them are domain-specific, but others are used to evaluate traffic and revenue potential. Here are some of the websites with tools I use just about every day.

  • – I use Fresh Drop just about every day to evaluate dropping/expiring domain names on Snapnames and Namejet. There are a whole lot of analytics you can track, including incoming links, domain age, pagerank, number of other extensions registered, and a variety of other options. Members can save filters, allowing them to use the site with more consistency and more quickly.
  • DomainTools – DomainTools is probably the “grandfather” of all domain-related tools. I use DomainTools for my Whois lookups, Whois history search, and frequently the Reverse IP search when attempting to buy domain names. I think everyone who is involved in the domain space should have a DomainTools account.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Frequently referred to simply as “GAKT,” this tool is helpful in analyzing keyword search volume as well as the cost advertisers are paying per click. There are many search options here, but I prefer to use the local exact match search.
  • – I don’t know if I would really call a tool per se, but it’s a resource I use every day to stay on top of the news in our business.


  1. It’s and for me. I don’t use for valuations though; I use its parsing tools, domain name generators, drop lists, whois lookup, and its valuation results for sorting on keyword searches and CPC.

    I think most people recommend because it has an affiliate program and people get paid for recommending it. is better in my view, although does claim to include and domain names. does not. I think Pool and eBay have the lowest quality domain names anyway so it’s no big loss.

    • @ Logan

      “I think most people recommend because it has an affiliate program and people get paid for recommending it. ”

      This is incorrect in my case. As you can see from hovering over the links in this post, I did not use an affiliate link, nor do I have an affiliate account with FreshDrop (or any of the aforementioned companies).

  2. Can you tell me what’s the best way to reveal an old/expired domain authority (besides backlinks) before buying?


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