Domain Registrars That Offer Two Factor Authentication


This morning, I posted an article discussing two factor authentication for customer accounts at domain registrars. At the time I published the article, I wasn’t aware of all the companies that offered this or similar extra layers of account security.

Now that I have more information, I would like to share a list of domain name registrars that offer 2 factor authentication, either in the form of a text message code, security keyfob, mandatory security questions, or something similar. Some registrars charge for this added protection and others offer it for no cost, but most require customers to enroll for the extra security measures. I tried to link to the information page for each registrar listed below.

Even with this updated article, I am sure that I am missing out on some companies that offer two factor authentication, so if you know of a registrar I missed please add it in the comment section with a link to the security information page.

Major Domain Registrars That Offer Two Factor Authentication or other added account security features:


  1. Just a stupid question.
    If I use my Pre-paid phone, then how if I loss my phone ?
    Pre-paid phone do not came with “re-generate” number, even if you go to the provider’s office directly. It mean if you loose it, you loose it. 🙂

  2. I use GoDaddy and had 2 factor authentication set up. I just switched my cell service from Verizon to Aio (an AT&T subsidiary) and 2 factor authentication no longer works. I tried calling GoDaddy but the rep was no help. I filled out a support ticket but haven’t heard back. I will have to switch from GoDaddy if they don’t fix this.

    • Hey Betsy,

      I actually encountered this same problem.. If you disable, then re-enable 2FA within godaddy, and select AT&T as the provider, it should work.. I actually reneabled mine 2FA account today, selected AT&T as the provider, and the verification email came through ok on my Aio phone.. hope that helps..

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