Domain Names Coming to Rally?

Rally is “a platform for buying & selling equity shares in collectible assets.” From the looks of it, people can make investments on various types of assets, such as sports cards, timepieces, vintage cars, and possibly other collectible assets. The startup, which uses for its domain name, has raised over $100 million in funding.

According to an article on (and also published via Yahoo Finance), Rally just raised its Series B round of funding. I find the market and platform interesting, but the news that might pique the interest of domain investors is that Rally may soon include domain names among the class of assets people can invest in.

Here’s an excerpt from the article that discusses the possible addition of domain names on the Rally platform:

“Looking ahead to intangible assets, the founder said users have been very vocal about what they want to see on the platform — music rights and domain names being among their requests. Five to 10 new asset classes will be added over the coming months.”

I think it has become clear that some domain names are valuable assets. I can see why people might want to offer them for sale in this manner. A major domain name sale requires one entity with the vision and funding to acquire the asset, and offering equity shares in a domain name would open up ownership to a much larger group of investors.

As I recall, there was a company called Fusu that offered fractional domain name ownership and the trading of domain name shares. I don’t recall what happened to that platform, but it does not appear to exist any longer.

If Rally does decide to add domain names to its asset classes, I would imagine the platform could partner with the domain name registrants to sell shares in their domain names, which could then be traded on a public market. I think fractional ownership could add liquidity to the domain name aftermarket and show the value of these assets to other collectors who may not be knowledgeable about domain name values.

There are likely regulatory and other domain name-specific logistical and legal issues that would need to be overcome, but having 9 figures in funding and substantial backing can help ensure these issues are solved.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. RealtyDAO and not only offers you fractional shares (utility and equity) in premium domains on chain, you can own the actual company doing the equity shares ( Image if RR gave its users and members fractional stake in RR not just in the domain. You can do this with RealtyDAO and the assets, plus its can trade 247×365 verses RR limited trading windows… Good to see domain assets coming into market and decentralized ownership is already here onchain with RealtyDAO.

    • You might want to hire someone to fix the site up, it is a compete mess of tech jargon, no way can that compete with Rally.

      • Thanks and its a 3 year old site and both need a revamp..Feedback is appreciated.. We don’t compete with Rally and different models, tech, etc. The jargon is actually good tech in action… Thanks for the feedback..c

  2. “I think it has become clear that some domain names are valuable assets.”

    I am able to confirm that to be an accurate assessment of domain names. I even have one with a $2b price tag even though it is not officially “for sale” and is being used. My company that is, not me alone.

    Many years ago I first advocated that high quality domain names should really be appearing alongside the world’s great “treasures” in mainstream auction venues like Christie’s, Sotheby’s, etc. While that would have been good for domain investors and domain values, unfortunately it was clear there are those in the industry who opposed that because of their own self-interest. Then of course one day years after I first advocated that, Aron Meystadt actually initiated something with HA. My hat was certainly off to him for at least doing that, though I’m sorry to say I was not happy with the details of how he implemented that and how he also tended to value various domains in the process. Some may recall from years ago that I occasionally expressed some instances of disagreement and displeasure about such matters in the blog comments. Nonetheless, credit where credit is due, and at least he actually tried something in the type of venue I had in mind, though I still felt the likes of either Christie’s or Sotheby’s were still essential to what I had in mind notwithstanding HA’s place among its peers.

    I still think it would be best, but still also don’t doubt the same elements of self-interest that would oppose that are just as strong as ever.

    • I love it when you talk about your six-word, $20 Billion secret domain. Reminds me of Golem in LOTR: ”my precious…” 🙂

      • Never seen the name “Muggs” in the blogs all these years, so who are you really, troll? 😉

        For everyone else, I learned a great Latin phrase when I took Latin at a really famous super boarding school many years ago, the phrase “sui generis.” It’s the phrase that applies to my $2 billion domain. As I’ve mentioned before, I actually caught a bunch of domainers discussing the very domain itself with great enthusiasm and more many years ago. Had never thought in a million years I would ever be able to obtain it myself, but God brought that about as only He can. Have had it for almost 20 years now. Someone wanted to buy it many years ago and I quoted him $16 million then as I recall, or possibly as low as $12 million, would have to search email. He didn’t disagree at all and even only said he hopes it happens. And no, it is not longer than one word at all.


        • PS – There was also a certain amount of “intrigue” that occurred in the process of buying it, and it seemed the initial intermediary (very famous) was even trying to prevent the deal from being completed in order to steal the domain while pretending and making it look like they were doing their job (sadly that was no complete surprise at all at the time despite how unpleasant given the nature of the domain involved). Fortunately I was dealing with a person who was willing to get it done with me and we used another route because of the “problem” with the famous intermediary. I’ve mentioned this before too.

        • Thanks, you have no idea how much I love the “Sure, Jan” meme.

          This YT vid is also a classic to show the more predatory and covetous ones who do things like the above. Elliot’s blog used to show the video embed for greater effect but the link will still do:

    • The domain is not particularly important for most startups, nice to have but will have little impact on success/failure. The .com is couple of million so it wouldn’t make sense until they have raised a lot more funds.

      • I have someone interested in our They told that when it comes to raising funds the domain can make a huge difference. He told me that is exactly what happened with when they raised nine figures – which is why they want

        • “The domain is not particularly important for most startups”

          That is nonsense from someone’s imagination. The opposite is the case. Bad naming including the domain might kill an otherwise great idea before it ever gets airborne.

  3. The URL helps add value into the offering but execution always wins. $100million is no joke, we raised nill but will compete/complement with Rally is through the better group of URL’s, a Distributed Ownership Model (onchain) and Transparency.. i.e. they issue equity shares we have ( but RealtyDAO does not have to compete as it owns and uses it owns premium assets to create, store and distribute value. Bringing liquidity and attention to the value of URL’s is a rising tide so we all win…

  4. The URL helps add value into the offering but execution always wins. $100million is no joke, we raised nill but will compete/complement with Rally is through the better group of URL’s, a Distributed Ownership Model (onchain) and Transparency.. i.e. they issue equity shares we have ( but RealtyDAO does not have to compete with rally as it owns, issues eshares (programmable) and uses it own premium assets to create, store and distribute value. Any company bringing liquidity and attention to the value of URL’s is a rising tide so we all win…

  5. Interesting side note on this “.com

    3 of the links use other tlds

    Media- .VIP
    Careers- .CO
    Merchandise- .STORE


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