Domain Masters Radio Show Relaunches Tonight


The Domain Masters radio show on Webmaster Radio is set to relaunch this evening at 5pm (Eastern timezone). Hosting the show will be NameJet Marketing Manager Scott Pruitt and NameJet General Manager Jonathan Tenenbaum.

Domain Masters was initially created  in December of 2004, and its broadcasts have featured some of the most successful domain investors and domain industry experts like John Berryhill, Richard Lau, Ari Goldberger, Ron Jackson, Mark Ostrovsky, and many others. Monte Cahn, then at Moniker, founded and hosted this weekly radio broadcast. Victor Pitts followed Monte as the host, and Mike Mann hosted Domain Masters  late last year. You can listen to some of the archived shows on the Webmaster Radio website.

Tonight’s broadcast will feature an interview with Monte Cahn, who will be discussing his  background, how the show got started, and some predictions about the future of the industry and how it will be affected by the new TLDs. According to Pruitt, future programs will consist of interviews with industry thought leaders, and it will cover  topics such as  domain acquisition and  sales, legal aspects, monetization, TLDs, development, brokerage, escrow, valuation, and other domain industry topics.

I asked Pruitt why the NameJet team has relaunched the Domain Masters radio show, and here’s what he told me:

“We see this as a great opportunity to help the domain community at large by providing useful and entertaining information about the industry. The Domain Masters podcast allows us to be a resource to new and experienced domain investors and business owners as we continue to build up the NameJet brand.”

I will be tuning in to listen tonight. If you aren’t able to tune in this evening, there will likely be a recording made available in the show’s archives. The show is also available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Stitcher, and the Webmaster Radio app on iOS and Android.

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