Domain Industry Participants on Earn


Earlier today I wrote about the company that rebranded to Earn is a platform that allows users to contact participants for a small, varying fee. Users are only charged if the participant responds to their message. The concept behind is pretty simple and seems like it could be a win/win.

I was curious if anyone from the domain industry (either active or formerly active) is participating, and I found quite a few people I know personally. Here are some of the participants with domain industry experience you can email in exchange for a small fee:

  • Andrew Rosener – Media Options ($5 contact fee)
  • Jen Sale – ($5 contact fee)
  • Dave Thomas – Net Names ($5 contact fee)
  • Patrick Carleton – ($1 contact fee)
  • Josh Metnick – ($100 contact fee)
  • Ryan Colby – Outcome Brokerage ($5 contact fee)
  • Eytan Elbaz ($20 contact fee)

If you don’t know any of these people but want to discuss something with them, Earn could be a good way to get in touch. The caveat is that most people who are interested in what you have to say will likely respond via email – even if it were unsolicited. For instance, if you want to buy a one word .com domain name for your startup and have a $250,000 budget, I am sure Andrew and Jen would respond to a cold email without you having to sign up for an account or pay!

This could be a good opportunity to ask someone a general question about the domain name industry or a specific domain name. It’s probably best to keep the question short to maximize the likelihood of getting a response.


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