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There are a number of domain brokers and domain brokerages that offer domain sales newsletter, and I think they can be a pretty good way of buying and selling domain names.  Someone asked me if I could share a current list of domain broker newsletters, and I thought I would put this list together for your reference.

Listed below are the domain broker newsletters I could think of off the top of my head. If I have omitted an active sales newsletter, please let me know. There are daily, weekly, and periodic newsletters included. Many marketplaces offer newsletters, but the ones below are third party brokerage sales newsletters.

Domain broker sales newsletters (listed alphabetically):

When listing a domain name for sale in a newsletter, the seller needs to price the domain names accordingly. Although most brokers likely have end user clients who subscribe to their newsletter, the majority of recipients are likely other domain investors looking for good deals.

Selling a domain name in a newsletter is a great way to give a domain name considerable exposure in a short period of time. Most domain brokers will require sellers to sign an exclusivity agreement, so keep that in mind when you agree to list with a domain broker.

Although some brokers will provide escrow services on certain transactions, I strongly recommend that you use a licensed escrow service. It might cost a bit more than a free escrow service, but you’ll have less to worry about if an issue should arise.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Elliot,
    also please provide a list of brokers who are willing to handle outbound sales in $2.5k-$5k range domains.TIA:)

    • I think you’ll find the list right here:


      Such a low profit potential on lower value domain names means it’s not worth any professional’s time. It probably takes less effort to sell a $25-50k name than a low value name because the value is likely much more obvious. There are plenty of those for sale, so a broker would be better off focusing on those domain names to sell.

  2. John at name connect is a nice guy, he listed a few of my domains over there.
    Like you say, it’s a good way to be seen.

  3. You forgot us, DN.BIZ. Although we havent sent out very many newsletters lately we are working to ramp that up again in the near future.

  4. Hey man, why don’t you write an article about due diligence. Some things one has look at before buying a domain. We may know some obvious like trademarks, but i believe there may be some other issues that some of us may not be aware of. Thanks

      I’ve just heard that some people are accusing Toby of wire fraud and scam because they were not paid after a domain sale.
      Furthermore, as far as I know, his newsletter has not been published since March 10, his Twitter account is like dead since the same date and he looks like vanished, no answers to phone calls or emails.
      Personally I’ve never closed a deal with him, because he was not able to sell the few domains we sent him in the past, but in those occasions he acted professionally and friendly.
      We don’t work anymore with him, because now we have our own proprietary domain brokerage service.
      In any case we would have used to secure the transaction, we never deliver money or domains directly to a broker.
      Don’t know what’s happening to him, maybe financial troubles, I have no clue at the moment.
      I’ve tried to contact by email Mike Bowden, who works with him, but I got no answer so far.
      I’m really surprised, it’s a shame and a pity for the category, hope he will be able to explain what’s going on.
      In the meantime my suggestion is AVOID for now.
      And remember, always, always use or a reliable Escrow service to close your transactions, never give money/domains directly to a broker.

  5. Elliot-
    Please email me to discuss – this was in the front of my mind to reach out to you about just moments prior to me seeing you beat me to it. Please use THX – this can be removed until I have a chance to communicate w/ you.

    • With the influx of new domains, continued yet more voluminous name speculation, ICANN press releases, registrar mergers and acquisitions coupled with the regular course of business, I have offered to contribute either articles, news pieces, market analysis, or simply donate several freelance hours a wk provide legal/ IP /Trademark advice pro bono. I realize a slow down will occur when the weather improves – however, I feel this time of year is a large scramble for those in similar fields of work. I get the largest benefit I could ask for – which is continuing to write/ analyze/advise – outside of the brick and mortar of my own practice – the large majority of my clients are extremely intelligent yet very paranoid/impatient scientists and engineers. I have not reached out to anyone other brokers/ blog authors yet. After looking at the time, effort, concise data and the fact that you articulate yourself well above many others who write daily – albeit with very few typos – it was clear that you should have the first offer. The effort/quality you reserve daily to publish solid content indicates the pride you take in doing it – I have picked up almost as many crucial pieces of this side of IP from your writing as I had while pursuing my JD and in 12 years of private practice.

      I am, for the immediate, offering up to 5 hours to start a week. Yours if you can use the help or if you think it may be beneficial to split the time with someone specific who would benefit from the assistance – I am glad to make the time. My time and work would without hesitation be gratis. Last, whether this is mutually beneficial or not, I am hosting a series of CLEs later in the summer and want to plant the seed now – I will likely need a speaker (via GoToMeeting) for 2 sessions of general UDRP Q&A and 2 more sessions (each an hour) re: ICANN regulations and the justification for what seems like constant ratification of the registration process. Please let me know if you may have an interest in facilitating either/both CLE modules.

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