Domain Broker Listings – 5/8


New domain sale listings from various domain brokers and brokerages are listed below. Contact the broker directly if there’s something you want to purchase or discuss further with the broker.

You are welcome to submit one name that you own that is new to the market (ie hasn’t been listed for sale elsewhere). If you submit more than one name, don’t price your name, or it’s not new to the market, the listing will be deleted. Readers can like/dislike comments, so please don’t post names for sale if you may take personal offense to comments.  If you want to buy a domain name, I recommend doing your due diligence and then using to transact.

Check out  Nokta Domains  if you are looking to buy a domain name and don’t see anything of interest.

  • – $69,000 – Afternic (Aaron Visaggio)
  •    – $10,000 – Media Options (Tess Diaz)
  • – $40,000 – Media Options (Andrew Rosener)
  • – $69,000 – Sedo (Dave Evanson)
  • – $250/month –



  1. Love the leasing option presented this time! This week, is offering: – $1,250 – registered 9/97

    A really nice aged domain name with many possibilities. There are very few people who do not like a big raise, making this a pretty cool name!

    Contact if interested. Thanks Elliot – Have a great week all!

  2. Thanks, Elliot for the opportunity.

    Up for sale this week is:

    A great domain name for a Australian restaurant or Australian food.

    $250–quick sale

    Contact superdomainname[at]

  3. $25

    Basketball Polls is a $2.14 CPC. Vote for your favorite basketball team and players that’s going to win the playoffs at

    Listed today for $25 with No Reserve
    @ godaddy auctions

    • Hands down, presented the sexiest domain this week! is in a class by itself!

      Take her home for $100K!

  4. – $10,000

    e-mail : domain(at)hadnow(dot)com

    Ideal for listing of charity organizations, charity crowd-funding, listing / requesting volunteers for charity, etc.

    Price valid till 15th May 2013

    Thanks Elliot!

  5. Sorry if there was confusion.

    You can list one domain name
    The domain name must be priced
    The domain name has to be new to the market.

    All replies that don’t adhere to this will be deleted.

    That means don’t submit multiple names, don’t ask people to submit offers, and don’t post the same name you posted last week. That’s just going to annoy me, yet at least 10 people have done that (all deleted).


    $5,000 USD

    (Together with for $8,000)

    Offer good for 7 days, until MAY16th. Don’t sit on this deal.

    Please contact me thru whois.

    Thank you Elliot.

  7. Thank you Elliot for the opportunity to share my domains.

    Lease it for $500 monthly.

    contact who is.

    Thank Ya’ll =)

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