Do You Care About gTLDs?

I believe that many people who buy domain names as investments have a short term outlook on things that impact the business. Many people want to make money quickly from their domain purchases, and they think about how things in the short term will impact them rather than having a longer horizon.

In my opinion, gTLDs will take quite some time to implement, and it will be even longer before they impact the domain sales aftermarket. Because of this, some people might not really care about gTLDs or be interested in reading about them right now. With all the news about gTLDs and the  upcoming “big reveal,” I am wondering if the domain investors who read my blog care about gTLDs, and further, if they want to read about them.

This is a simple question, but I am curious if you care about gTLDs.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Like Arif says , .COM has been, he is and probably will remain the king but the ccTLD of each country is already the queen. In France or Spanish people register as much the .COM as the country extension (.FR or .ES) and I guess it’s the same on most countries.
    This simply means the .COM already lost 50%, if you add much more extensions then you are giving much more chances to potential buyers to get a nicer and shorter domain for less, and sometimes with an extension that may makes more sense.
    I think no premium .COM should depreciate in the long run.

  2. I’m not interested in them right now because they don’t impact my business, but I don’t think they can be ignored. I’m hoping the news surrounding gTLDs will help with general domain “awareness.”

  3. The European football competition is on TV throughout Europe. Advertising in the grounds is the com or more often simply the brand name alone. The top brand (plus trademark) does not need anything else. The competition for (dot) verticals (dot) niche will be the about the (dot) brand, the (dot) me & you have to play catch up and eventually buy the com

  4. For the most part, my primary “care” here is that it’s impact on the Net could be mostly negative… I stated here last week —–>

    I think that the pending avalanche of Sooooo many new gTLDs is overkill….it could very well dilute & pollute the Internet …. ICANN’s allowance and enabling of such enormous volume of new TLDs seems ill conceived and reckless

    Some of the so-called “premium domains” within the plethora of “New gTLDs” may have a similar price & valuation trajectory as Flowers.MOBI
    There will be some new extentions here & there that make sense and are justified…but with repect to most the rest of the activity, it will prove true the old adage —–> “Too Much of Anything Isn’t Good !”

    Furtheremore, there’s gonna be incremental amounts of trademark & intellectual property battles and lawsuits arising out of all this…. Resultingly, pound-for-pound, the biggest winners/gainers in this blossoming ” big mess” may very well be the TM & IP lawyers.

  5. Agree with Joe and John Y.

    I say 80/20. Let’s see how your poll ends up.

    80% don’t care and 20% do care.

    80% of speculators and registries will lose money and 20% will make money. Maybe I should say 10% will make money and 10% will break even.

    I am in the 80% who don’t care but not in the 80% who will lose money. I know this because I have no plans to speculate, or should I say waste money on, any new TLDs.

    Save your money people. It’s all a waste of time unless you are in the top 10% or get scratch ticket lucky.

    I am already sick of reading about who applied for this or that.

    The speculators are going to be stretched SOOOOOO thin that there will be no secondary market buyers. Mark my words.

    Maybe IF you hold for five to ten years MAYBE you have a shot at breaking even.

    Stick to .com, .org, .tv, maybe .info and maybe your country code but not .us. I am starting to like .pro since it feels like a gTLD but it won’t have the press coverage of a new gTLD but it will feel like a new extension especially if the registry starts marketing it BEFORE the new extensions come out.

    Just my opinion from 14 years in the business.

  6. The funny thing about those eager to register great keywords available in the new gTLDs is .travel and .asia have been available for years and lots of amazing keywords are still available in those extensions. Why the sudden need for new namespaces?

  7. One more thing. These all new tlds are coming beat the kingdom of .com. However, this will only strengthen .com’s power.

    It is like Messi (the best soocer player in the world) and the other soccer players. Everybody is looking forward to find someone who will beat Messi but simply it is not working! Messi is .com, other players are other gtlds.

    Yes, there will be a market for all those gtlds. Some people (very few) will make money from those gtlds but the others will not. Also with these thousands of new gtlds, generic .coms will worth more than they are now.

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