Brett Lewis Starts Kickstarter Campaign for Comedy Movie


Most people in the domain industry know Brett Lewis for his legal work. However, Brett’s passion is filmmaking, and he just started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 for a comedy that he has written and will be producing. The campaign just kicked off, and there are about 29 days to go.

According to the Kickstarter campaign page, “We’re raising funds to shoot C-Street, a feature film political comedy. C STREET is to politics what BRIDESMAIDS was to weddings.” Brett is even using domain names as a part of the comedy – check out  to see a funny clip crafted by Lewis. Here’s the movie synopsis:

GUY POPPET is not a pimp.   He’s just a guy with an audacious plan to control politics through sex.   Okay, he’s kind of a pimp.   Guy converted his apartment into a kind of no-tell motel for politicians.  His stock soared.   He was on the fast track to power.   All that changed one day when Guy came home to find the girl of his dreams naked in his bed — waiting for another man.   Unbeknownst to Guy, his slick and sleazy Senator boss was using Guy’s apartment to bed her.   Together, boy and girl search for love amidst a sea of corruption.   When half of Washington shows up at Guy’s apartment unannounced and oversexed, Guy can’t help but take advantage of the opportunity to advance his political agenda.   When she realizes that she was just a pawn in his power play, his love interest storms out.   In the end, Guy must find himself to find redemption and win back the girl of his dreams.

You can visit the Kickstarter page if you want to help support Lewis in his effort to raise $50k.


  1. Sounds like a low-quality B grade flick. The short plot synopsis is funny to read. Nothing remotely close to Bridesmaids in a political sense. Is this a multi-genre political comedy? Good luck!

  2. @ Brett,

    Try and reach me. I am also currently working on a movie with a successful documentary director just coming off a popular film festival tour. I also have over 25 years of experience, contacts, and screenwriting proofreading as a past producer.

    Your project sounds fun, and I know that even the singular success of your efforts on it can catapult you into incredible opportunities in the film/tv industry.

    Best of luck, either way! Sounds exciting my friend.

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