Deposit Necessary for Hilco Streambank Auction


I assume you already know about the  Hilco Streambank  domain name and IP auction that is happening in a little over a week. I wrote about the and auctions in a blog post last month, and the company shared a press release yesterday announcing the addition of the auction for the domain name, a remnant of the once popular music store called Tweeter.

If you aren’t familiar with the Hilco Streambank auction and you want to bid on one or more of the lots, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with the  auction platform and rules. Probably most importantly for you to know at this point is that a refundable cash deposit is required in order to bid on the auctions. You’ll want to make arrangements with the company to wire your deposit in advance to ensure your deposit is made on time.

The company is likely requiring a deposit for a few reasons. First, it will deter shill bidders from participating. Second, it will serve as a downpayment for the winning bidder. Finally, it will be a bit of insurance in case the winning bidder fails to pay.

I have not used the Hilco Streambank auction platform before, but I assume it works in a way that is similar to standard auction platforms. If you are planning to bid, it would make sense to ask any questions in advance. Perhaps you’d prefer to bid over the phone, and those details should be discussed well in advance.

I still think,, and now are by far the best domain name assets in the auction.


  1. Seeing bids…Elliot what do you think a name like specialoffers-com (with the .net, .org and misspelling with one s) is worth? Has been online for ages but not marketed as well lately so rankings are suffering but the name is used a lot in online and offline commerce.

  2. Here’s more info about the deposit for those who are interested in multiple lots:

    “The auction rules require a separate deposit per Lot, however,
    if a bidder wants to participate in auctions for multiple lots, a single $15,000 deposit is all that is required. That will qualify the bidder to participate in all or any of the Lots. “

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