Delete Old Listings on DAN


The majority of my domain names are now listed on with buy it now prices. The platform has proven to me that it is helpful to sell names at all price levels, and as a result, I continue to add names to the platform. I have found the most utility from DAN is by setting the nameservers so my domain names resolve to buy it now or make offer pages on the platform.

One area where DAN lacks is its search functionality. If I want to find a list of the one word .com domain names listed for sale via DAN, I would be out of luck. As a buyer, the lack of search functionality is a bit of a bummer. As a seller, this means there is less of a need to delete listings that are no longer valid – domain names that sold elsewhere or domain names that simply expired.

I understand DAN is preparing to launch a new and better version of itself. Other than having a look at a control panel screenshot, I don’t really know what is coming from the newest iteration of the platform. My best guess is that an enhanced search functionality will be released. This should be good news for buyers and sellers, but it means sellers need to be more diligent about removing domain names that are no longer for sale.

Assuming the search functionality is improved, I hope DAN takes some time to re-confirm domain names are still owned by the people who listed them for sale. At the very least, I hope DAN sends out an email to sellers to remind them of the importance of removing old and invalid listings.

At this point in time, there is no major need to remove old listings. Put simply, if a domain name is listed on DAN but the nameservers do not point to a DAN landing page, it is unlikely to be found for sale on DAN. If (likely when) new search functionality is launched on the platform, this will no longer be accurate. Sellers won’t be able to complete deals, buyers will get upset, and the overall experience will be hurt.

It is always a good idea to keep your sales portfolio updated at marketplace platforms, and DAN sellers would be wise to take some time to cull their portfolio if necessary.


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