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0 and have sold at the BIN price.


  1. Are there any copyright breaches or trademark violations on these names?

    ***Updated by Elliot***

    Not to the best of my knowledge. I just need to raise capital. This is a great price.

  2. “Tax Guide” – certainly does not seem trademarkable. I am always amazed by this though. I once owned – not necessarily a great domain but one I would have definitely considered generic or free of TM. Some time after registration, a company did contact me with a legitimate TM in the Shave Gel category on the name Smooth Shave Gel. The deal ended a couple hundred bucks later with all sides happy, but the deal left me with a weird feeling of the TM process and what they are granted on. I was never irritated at the company with the TM, but rather the process.
    Tax Guide – never would have even thought TM issues in my mind. Good to always check on domains you buy. Would be surprised if any “Guide” is trademarkable…but I am no Lawyer.

  3. Tax Guide is about as generic as it gets. Anyone who goes after that name is simply trying to steal it.

    A the dog park… I am going to take this post down when I get home in a little while. If it doesn’t sell before then, the pair is off the market an I am going to develop
    Thanks for the advice 🙂

  4. I just got home and was going to take this post down to develop these names. Someone had emailed me as I was on my way to my apartment wanting the names at the BIN price, which I am honoring. They got a great deal!

  5. Great buy for the buyer. David – I agree with you…just amazed at some TMs in general that are actually issued. Definitely does not seem possible on any “guide” for sure.
    Another nice sale Elliot.

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