Daily Poll: Would / Do You Buy Your Local gTLD Extension?


There are quite a few local new gTLD domain name extensions such as .NYC, .Boston, .London, and others. I have never been bullish on the new extensions, but I thought the local extensions might have the best chance of success in local markets.

I think there have been some successes, and it looks like some cities have done fairly well. Registries have also done pretty well I think. Neustar is running its 4th .NYC auction, and MMX has been advertising its .Boston extension locally.

Now that these new gTLD domain names have been on the market for a while, I am curious if you are a buyer. I am sure there will be other city/geo extensions in future application rounds. Would you buy your local extensions? Share your thoughts in the comment section and cast your vote in the poll below:


  1. I’ve read of successes with the .hk endings in Hong Kong, and I could see some success within some cities. However, I don’t really see the value in a serious investment in them. They are great for local businesses to stand out, but the buyer pool shrinks so greatly to within that geographic area. But it is a great geographically segmented marketing strategy IMO.

  2. I think a lot of ccTLD’s are doing well. ie: .ca, .uk, .hk, .com.au, etc..

    .US is a different story. I think the extension for the United States is .com.

    So, no I wouldn’t buy a ccTLD.

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