Daily Poll: Will You Transfer Domain Names to CloudFlare?


CloudFlare will be expanding its domain registrar business by offering low cost domain registrations. From what I know (as an observer rather than a client), CloudFlare has a high level of security and it’s products are trusted by many top companies.

ClouldFlare will be offering its domain registration services in waves, in order of tenure as a customer of the company. I am curious if you will transfer your domain names (or portfolio of domain names) to CloudFlare in light of today’s news. Feel free to add commentary if you would like to add insight:


  1. My concern would be if the company is not making money on these domains registrations, what kind of support and service will you get? A company needs to make at least a bit of a profit. Maybe they are doing this as a loss leader and hoping to get new customers in other areas that will make up for it, I guess we’ll see when people try it out and give feedback. If it forces other registrars to lower prices somewhat then great.

    • Cloudflare has been offering a lot of great free services for years. Such as free basic CDN, including advanced DNS management, and recently a DNS.

  2. Not sure how they will make money here. Domainers are hardly ones to own many hosting accounts. Questions over the long game strategy.

    Discount would be nice for a few years. Perhaps a volume play to grow, then domain prices start rising. Very good for registrar competition though, industry needs it.

  3. My registrars all raised rates, telling me how expensive it is. One registrar I’ve never had a customer support request in 15 years. The other average 4 or 5 a year because their interface is so bad. I’m,concerned with price. 8ve been screwed 8n ways you can’t believe. “Security” is a joke when a registrar can steal all your names, paid up or not. Steal customers domains you don’t even own. Then sell off registered names. There is NO security. It’s an illusion.

  4. NameBright is an excellent registrar and already offers a somewhat comparable at cost deal in dot COM and dot NET subject to a few conditions. If you look at the home page it says:

    “.com from $8.03/yr. See details.”

    Then on the link it says:

    “Lowest domain registration possible!…”

    “*How to get domain registrations for only $8.03…”

    “Simply fund your NameBright.com account and checkout using your pre-funded account to receive wholesale ‘at cost’ domain name registrations for .COM and .NET domains.”

    There are a few conditions such as paying in advance by bank wire or a check over $100 etc etc.

    (I haven’t actually tried this feature so far because at present I use NameBright for the transition between DropCatch and Uniregistry and UniregistryMarket.)

  5. btw tweeting “People are evenly split about using CloudFlare as their domain registrar” sort of downplays the fact that so many people are now interested in the using the service. 50% of people polled are considering transferring their domains to cloudflare and almost 1/3 are going to do so. that’s pretty huge! cheers

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