Daily Poll: More Likely to Buy a Google Operated New gTLD?


Google recently launched its .Page domain name extension. The launch news was announced on October 2nd on Google’s blog. Earlier this year, Google launched the. App extension to quite a bit of fanfare and considerable interest. At the present time, there are over 320,000 registered .App domain names, according to nTLDStats.com.

I am curious to know if domain investors are more likely to buy domain names in an extension operated by Google. I don’t really understand the marketability of .Page but I do understand why startups might want a .App domain name. From an investment point of view, some people may feel Google search may be influenced by Google’s extensions. I highly, highly doubt this, but there will always be people who might think it is some sort of “trust” signal that helps with rankings in some way and makes these domain names more desirable.

Are you more likely to buy a new gTLD domain name if the extension is operated by Google?


  1. Donuts is by far my favorite new gTLD operator. They have the best variety of extensions in my opinion. Google does not differentiate search results based upon extension as of today based upon everything they’ve stated to date on the subject. It would not make sense for them to allow their own gTLD’s higher search results based upon extension alone.

  2. I won’t be buying any .Page domains, no interest whatsoever.

    .App is the only nTLD that interests me.
    It doesn’t hurt .app that Google owns it.

    Verisign would be the only other registry that would boost .app’s credibility like Google does IMO.

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