Daily Poll: Do You Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Obviously one of the biggest topics in the world right now is cryptocurrencies, ICOs, tokens, and anything else crypto related. Billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency is traded daily on exchanges and platforms throughout the world.

In my opinion, quite a bit of money and attention from the domain name world has moved to cryptocurrencies. Today’s daily poll asks whether you invest in cryptocurrency. I am interested to see what percentage of domain blog readers are also involved in the world of cryptocurrency. If you answered yes, I would be interested in knowing if you have pulled money out of the domain space to invest in crypto. If you answered no, I would be curious if you are thinking about investing.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Wasn’t able to see those polls until today.

    AdBlock Plus in default mode, blocks PollDaddy it seems, due to its use of iframes. So now I’ve white-listed your web site.

    Investing in crypto entails risk, like any other investment. Never use money reserved for your living expenses.

    I don’t invest in alt-coins, but have been actively investing in BTC/ETH/LTC. I think long term, the ICO craze will simmer down and very few will remain active.

    Blockchain technology is the common denominator and it has many applications outside of the “coin” use.

  2. A lot of money and attention from the domain name world has moved to cryptocurrencies because there is a natural synergy there.

    If someone is willing to speculate their money on a digital asset in the form of a quality domain name (e.g. .com) that can provide a good return, then why wouldn’t they be willing to speculate that same money on another digital asset in the form of a cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin) that can provide a similar, if not better return.

    Prices will rise and crash, new coins will ICO, and pyramid schemes will siphon naive investors’ money, but cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies will be a part of the new future.

  3. ” I think long term, the ICO craze will simmer down and very few will remain active.
    Blockchain technology is the common denominator and it has many applications outside of the “coin” use.”

    @Acro — agree.

  4. I avoid crypto-currencies like a plague, just to use Charlie Munger words … 🙂
    No, thanks, I’m not interested in energy-wasting Ponzi schemes …

    Blockchain is a different story.
    It could be an interesting technology to improve digital payments, but there are other technologies as well, so it will have some competition down the road.

  5. Clarification –

    I selected no because I have no expectation to invest but after realize I have some topcoin I received from Uniregistry when I purchased some domains. The appear to have no real value.

    I bought .mobi, .xyz and dropped them. No way am I going to succumb to the hype and buy .bit or .coin or bitcoin, or ecoin. To buy them is just gambling.

    A better investment I have found is purchasing a hand registered .com domains for under $10 and selling it for mor than $1000. This can still be done today and is less risky than crypto. You only need to buy a name that brings good value when used to sell a product or a service. Names like this are still available.

  6. Domains are digital real estate/brands. Crypto is currency trading. Block chain is accounting/transactions. Having interest in one does not require an interest in others. To each their own.

  7. I like ETH as the blockchain will revolve all around it. Half of these ICO’s will fail after first year. Some will do very well.
    bitcoin bearish on. NEO bullish.

    Binanace which just bought cryptoworld went from .10 cents in August to over $20 in six months. So opp is all over the place. Most the companies that will last past 2 or 3 years are the ones that raised 20-50 million and ICO’s are excepted to raise nearly 10 billion this year. Last year was nearly 4 billion. Telegram will be first billion dollar ICO. What if amazon or google comes out with a coin?

    This has not even started yet! We are in 1.0 aol stage IMO 🙂

    • The CEO of DragonCoin is claiming their ICO, which closes in February, will raise between $500M and $1B. The coin will be used to facilitate high-roller gambling transactions in Macau.

  8. Hands full with domains, cryptocurrencies seem to be way more influenced by investors themselves than domain niches, and some of the news about inside value influence (Pump & Dump) lately makes it scary.

  9. Crypto-currency trading is just another form of currency trading. The underlying technology (blockchain) is the long-term winner. Crypto-currencies are just a sideshow. Online gambling basically.
    But like anything else, there is money to be made off of it through domains.

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