Daily Poll: How Many LLLL.com Do You Own?


I like usable 4 letter .com (LLLL.com) domain names. By usable, I mean the 4 letters need to make sense for a company to use. If the domain name isn’t a real word, there should be multiple organizations and companies that would want to buy / own the domain name to make it valuable and defensible. That’s pretty much my parameters for buying LLLL.com domain names.

Right now, I own just a handful of 4 letter .com domain names: Aesa, MDMD, WRDA, RTVS, and maybe a couple more I can’t think of off the top of my head. I read Raymond’s article about some sort of scandal in China involving 4 letter .com domain names, and it is a bit concerning. I guess every scandal involving a wide swath of domain names is concerning to some degree. There is also a thread on NamePros discussing this topic. Hopefully there will be some clarity on what is happening in the coming days.

For today’s poll, I am interested in knowing how many 4 letter .com domain names you currently own.


  1. I know you have to get pageviews because you have advertisers, but why do you post pointless poll after pointless poll every single day? Either do a blog right, or don’t do it, doing it halfway is lazy.

    • I would recommend not visiting the poll posts. I enjoy publishing them and most get a decent response.

      Alternatively, you can block the feed in Domaining.com. I block several blogs I don’t find interesting, and it helps reduce much of the clutter.

  2. I bought about 100+ 4l domains really dirt cheap like $10 a piece couple of years back when the so called “domain EXPERTS” said 4L are worthless …


    Sold some for 5 figures and I get lots of high offers everyday esp the gxnx.com and zmmr.com

    All those domainers that called themselves domain investors or experts know s**&hit, they should called themselves Domain Scammers

  3. my most frequent flips from the past few years have been pronounceable LLLL.com domains purchased at auction from $200-500 and flipped for $2-3k

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