Daily Poll: Do You Invest in IDN Domain Names?


One area in the domain investment space I know very little about is IDN domain names. I have never owned an IDN domain name, and I don’t really see that changing. I know there is (or at least was) an active community focused on IDN domain investments, but I haven’t followed that specialized vertical at all.

Do you invest in IDN domain names?


  1. Sí hace años pero no más no más 🙂

    Ten years ago I did have several Spanish IDNs mostly in .Net but eventually realized they were never going to sell in the aftermarket. At that time I had to use a registrar in Paraguay (owned by Chris Chena).

  2. Yes i like the emoji IDN domain names, the big difference being instead of hoping
    your audience uses a keyboard or virtual keyboard in the language you pick…..

    emoji are on over a billion smartphones at the tough of a button.

    unless you have akeyboards using your IDN’s they are really no difference than image files with http links, and you can do that with any image.

    i think i like about using emoji is that you can enter the emoji in the title, website, about us etc places on social media and emails just s if they were text..

    yet i get the backbone of the proven idn technology running the domain part of every search, query, link and request using emoji domain names.

    good poll.


    page howe

  3. idn domains has aftermarket value as big as the economy of the language.

    the main problem of idn domains is that the right of the dot is still in latin when the left is in native language; this is changing but slowly.
    Some idns don’t have this problem, like German or Portuguese, French, Spanish, but most do.
    Plus the economy of most countries (other thn US) is not stellar.
    However if one does not see iDN only as having resale value (which they do have btw) but as an internet address,
    they are great for using as a domain (surprise!) for a website.

    • The market is dead and non existent.

      @nikola – IDN exits in most languages from both sides of the dot. You are just referring ot Verisgn domains…

      China,Russia,India all have ccTLD’s and also gTLDS which are in full IDN.IDN

      They dont sell b/c of the stupid numeric /letter hype in China and elsewhere which leaves only place for ascii.com…

  4. Emoji domain names &
    to a small extent Egyptian Hieroglyphs
    I only own a small handful of both for Personal investment.
    Any IDN that is short and sweet that communicates well ‘visually’ in my book should not be ignored


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