Cove.Tool? There is No .Tool


TechCrunch published an article about a startup called Cove.Tool that just raised $5.7 million in funding. When you have a look at the tweet linking to the article, see if you can spot what really caught my attention:

As you can see, the Cove.Tool branding in the tweet is not automatically hyperlinked by Twitter. What this means is that Cove.Tool, which is the company’s brand name, is not actually a domain name. Even though Cove.Tool looks like it would be a domain name, it is not a domain name – it is just the startup’s brand name.

From what I can tell, there were no new gTLD applications for the .Tool extension. There is, however, a .Tools domain name extension. Donuts operates the .Tools extension (see

Confusingly, the company known as Cove.Tool uses a different new gTLD domain name for its website – Cove.Tools. The company does (smartly) own, which it forwards to Cove.Tools, but it seems needlessly confusing, particularly from an email perspective. I bet a lot of people are going to email X@cove.tool instead of because of the corporate branding.

I think it’s branding and domain name combination is peculiar.


  1. A lot of companies put a dot between two words in a brand name and the general public does not assume that it is a url. It is a long established branding technique.

    That said is a very strange domain to use. would be the logical choice.

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