Contest: Guess Closing Price of Auction (Win $100 Bid Credit)

66 is currently up for auction at NameJet. It’s a public auction, so anyone can jump in to bid at any time before the auction closes on Wednesday afternoon. The current high bid is $36,000 and the reserve price has not been met yet.

In my opinion, has significant value because NYE stands for “New Years Eve,” which is probably one of the biggest nights of the year celebrated by people around the globe. Restaurants and night clubs have expensive dinners and parties, and people spend millions of dollars annually on their own private parties.

In addition to this acronym, NYE is used as an abbreviation for hundreds of businesses and organizations. Nye is also a last name – Bill Nye, The Science Guy is one example of someone with this last name. There’s also at least one geographic area in the US called Nye.

Want to win a $100 NameJet bid credit?

Guess the sale price of in the comment section below, and the person who guesses closest to the actual final price will get a $100 NameJet bid credit courtesy of NameJet. If there’s a tie, the person who posted the closest guess first will be declared the winner. Only one guess per person (if you post multiple guesses, all of your guesses will be deleted.) The deadline to post your guess is Tuesday, December 18th by 3:30pm EST.


  1. Interesting. Based on New Years Eve abbreviation and that it’s an I’ll go for $48,000

    I own which I really want to develop and brand as “My New Years Eve”, showcasing different celebrations around the world, but haven’t as yet. is a developed site.

    True story.

  2. I guess $43,500 and it won’t meet reserve. Don’t think it makes much sense to drop a ton for the new year’s eve meaning since it is one day a year and the commercial value is limited… I think new york something makes the most sense.

  3. Reseller-wise, it’s already way overpriced. My guess is that it will end somewhere around $60k, but that will just be for show , as the “winner” will not make payment and it will be ran again and again and again ..

  4. NY instantly flashes New York and the E could be anything from Events to Entertainment to whatever! “HatTip” to Nicvendor.

    If I was a New Yorker with deep pockets and I knew about this auction, I wouldn’t let it go, at least up to $150,000, which is my guess. More than that… I might as well get dotNYE.

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