Alabama Domain Investor Gregg Ostrick Survives Tornados (See Photos)

When I heard about the devastating tornados and storms that tore through Birmingham, Alabama earlier this week, I was particularly concerned about domain investor Gregg Ostrick, who resides in Birmingham. When I called him to check in the day after, the phone lines weren’t working.

Gregg was able to get online later on in the day, and he responded to my email to let me know he is okay. According to Gregg, “the storms hit very close, but no major damage to our property.” He was one of the fortunate people, and I am very glad to hear that he made it through with limited damage.

I guess this type of disaster is another reason why intangible domain assets can be better investments than physical investments.

Gregg sent me a link to some photos he took of the aftermath, and I wanted to share them with you to show you an example of how bad the storms were. There are organizations like the American Red Cross that are helping people with the recovery, and I am sure they could use donations if you are able to help.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hi Elliot,

    I’m glad Greg survived the Tornados! I’m trying to track him down to buy a domain name is a school district up here in PA. My son has Down syndrome and a lot of our friends have kids with special needs, and I’d like to start putting pressure on them to improve their services a bit.

    For example, in Middle school the kids with special needs are stuck all the way down in a hall that isn’t with all the other kids.

    Anyway, it’d help if I could develop that domain name, rank it higher in google and thus get more parents involved.

    It’d help a lot of kids. Can you pass this along to him?

    Thanks Elliot. I appreciate your help.

  2. Elliot,

    Don’t count on help from Greg Ostrick. You will see that a tornado landing on his house and dancing around for a day or two would have been good for the entire world.

  3. Hi Elliot

    I would appreciate some help from him in getting the URL from him. WSSD is a school district abbreviation so I can’t imagine it would be of any value to anyone except someone like me.

    Could you respond to my request for help here, Elliot?

  4. @ Sam

    Here’s the thing. I don’t work with Gregg or know him well enough to get a better price than you.

    Incidentally, a search of WSSD in Google shows me that there are a number of groups that might want this name, too:

    West Shore School District
    Wallingford-Swarthmore School District
    World Summit on Sustainable Development
    West Side School District #202
    WSSD – 88.1 FM
    Washington Suburban Sanitary District

    … to name a few. With all due respect, what makes one more deserving than another?

  5. I have been trying to get in touch with grego for a couple years now…we worked togather in radio ( a LONG time ago) and he was a stand up at my wife (Monica) and mine wedding. if you hear from him, tell him kelly bob & monica just want to say hig and toss him my email address…thanks!

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