.Club Sells Startup.Club Domain Name


startup.clubThe .Club Registry launched Startup.Club as a means of selling some of their best .Club domain names while lending support to businesses who use those domain names. Among some of the entities that were established with the help of the Startup.Club network are Coffee.Club and Soap.Club.

According to an email from .Club CMO Jeff Sass, the registry has sold the Startup.Club domain name for $22,500. This sale was noted in a Registry blog post that shared the company’s March sales report. Jeff told me that the concept of Startup.Club will continue, but it will be moved due to the sale. “We’ll continue our “Startup Club” program but move the content to our main website,” he said.

In March, the .Club Registry sold 63 premium names, including 56 names that were sold through its registrar channel. I presume this means that 7 .Club domain names were sold directly via the registry. The total premium domain sales for the month were just above $80,000. You can read the aforementioned blog post for more specific details about last month’s sales.

The .Club Registry also announced a new feature called the Domain Availability Dashboard. This allows people to see the available of specific types of .Club domain names, such as 4L, 3N, and other types of domain names. This is very similar to the dashboard that the .XYZ registry has for its domain names and sister extensions.


  1. That’s a good promotion and I give them credit for taking on the task of PR/promotion, and partnering with investors to market .club startups. Pet.club has a a catchy ring, and cupid.club too.

  2. I tried registering that name early on, but obviously didn’t get it. I did get…
    StartA.club and StartingA.club, but different ballgame altogether.

    You’ve got to hand it to the crew over at dot club. They are relentless in their commitment to promote and get the word out there. If only all the new gTLD teams did what they do!

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