City .com Domain Names for Sale


Most people who frequently read my blog, know I like city .com domain names. In fact, my companies own and operate, and, and I’ve discussed why I like them many times on the blog. Just about all good to great city .com domain names are developed and are virtually unattainable (unless you have significant means).

In fact, before I acquired, I reached out to many of the owners of undeveloped or under-developed city .com domain names and offered a lot more money than I would feel comfortable doing now given the economy, and I was still rejected.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen some great city .com names for sale at very good prices. Since I have my hands full developing and maintaining my own city .com websites, I am not making any more geodomain acquisitions at the moment, so I want to share these with you if you haven’t seen them for sale. If any of the names are of interest, get in touch with Toby Clements ASAP. None of these are owned by me and I have not been compensated for this post.
$110,000 – financing not available
$47,000 – financing available
$90,000 – financing available
$35,000 – financing available
$40,000 – financing available


  1. Disclaimer

    Boulder .com is not part of group of names mentioned above.

    Also the site does not come with future ownership, the name is just being leased out currently.


  2. What ever happened to I saw that one a few months back was going to be at auction and then it mysteriously dropped off with many other names.

  3. was bought at $80,000 at the peak of the market so i dont see doubling it a fair price when we are at the trough.

    toby has too, but IMHO it wouldn’t be worth putting all the dev effort in to a dot net

  4. @ Jeff

    Let me get this straight;

    * is listening to offers

    * Also the site does not come with future ownership, the name is just being leased out currently

    What are you offering exactly?

  5. @Shaun Pilfold

    tried a reply but didn’t go though I don’t think at my end

    My family are currently the owners of the name and live in boulder Colorado.

    The name is being leased out currently with local matters.

    Looking for owners with money or a great developer with money. Just the name is being offered as stated above and no website.


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