Andrew Rosener on Future of Decentralized Web & Blockchain Domains

Unstoppable Domains posted a video interview with Media Options CEO Andrew Rosener that domain investors may want to watch. In the interview, Andrew offered his opinions and insights “about the future of the decentralized web and the potential and utility of blockchain” domain names.

I am not super familiar with any of this, and if you’re in the same position as me, you should read more about this class of domain names on the introduction page on the Unstoppable Domains website.

I do not own/control any blockchain domain names, nor am I actively involved in the crypto space, so I can’t offer an educated opinion on the topic of blockchain domains. I will watch the interview though:

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. The enthusiasm is NOT about .CRYPTO domains. I’m not a big fan of any of the blockchain domain extensions (TLD’s) yet.

    But if you don’t educate yourself about the future of the decentralized internet and the likely implications of that then you are sleeping at the wheel while driving 100 mph.

    • Yea been warning of this. It’s inevitable, decentralized web, the big ambition of ‘Internet Computer’.

      No one cares if ppl don’t know about crypto. Crypto is more than money. It’s going to happen. Look at this:

      That’s a serious deal, incoming. Read about the implications. Totally decentralized internet. Big ambitions. Their token, within 2 days, had a $30 billion valuation. Big investors…big ambitions.

      Domainers are not going to stop it. ICANN is useless etc. Anyone that doesn’t think a fully decentralized internet is a good thing, is probably a domainer or ICANN member, LOL.

      It won’t happen over night…but it’s going to happen.

      • Transaction fees on cryptos are far too high to make any sense to use. Cryptos are not currencies; but rather, they are speculation vehicles only (for gamblers)

  2. I own some blockchain Domain names.
    Metaverse.xr , nft.txt etc.
    Don’t have huge money right now else would have bought a full handshake tld extension .

  3. Thank you Elliot for posting this and keeping us informed about our industry and what’s ahead. Insightful interview with Andrew as usual…

  4. Thank you Elliot for your post.
    Blockchain to the market to see different is more future, four years ago to buy,,, “I remember a Twitte that I received Domainking wrote to me to hold out for a long time”.

    The world has changed, people, businesses, the stock market, new digital trends arrive, invest in domains (.Com): 5g, fintech, bigtech, insurtech, blockchain, crypto, NFT, bitcoin, ethereum ….. , the future is ahead in years with the Coronavirus or Covid-19.

    I will send all of them to the Domain Broker that I know who accepts them.

    Take care of yourself and Health.

  5. I did a bit of Google research and found out that Unstoppable’s .crypto names now work in Brave & Opera browser…. I wonder if there are more web browsers who will add support in the future?

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