4 Number .Club Domain Names Registered

Colin Campbell, Chairman and founder of the .Club registry, posted a tweet to let people know that “[s]omeone is snapping up all .CLUB 4 number names this morning.” I did a few Whois searches, and the domain names I looked up were all registered. It appears that many of these domain names have Chinese registrants.

I followed up to Colin’s tweet by asking him if all of the 4 number .Club domain names are now currently registered, and he let me know that “[a]s of today, all 4 number names are now registered with a few still premium“. What does this mean for people who invest in domain names? I have no idea.

I understand why .Club domain names have been pretty big sellers in the aftermarket. I also get why numeric domain names are popular. I don’t know why there is a run on 4 number .Club domain names. My guess is that other new gTLD domain name extensions are seeing similar trends, but I am not sure if it is across the board or specific extensions. I did a quick check of 1,000 random 4 number .XYZ domain names using GoDaddy’s bulk domain search tool, and none of them showed up as available to register. I also checked .Link domain names, and there are still some available.

I think I know the domain name business pretty well. I don’t understand why people are registering available 4 number domain names in various extensions (such as .Club and .XYZ). Yes, there is a limited number of 4 number domain names in these extensions, but there are hundreds of extensions. There are also other combinations, such as 5N, 4L…etc. I also don’t know what impact this is going to have on the aftermarket value of these domain names.

I am not really an investor in the new gTLD domain names, but I am always interested in reading news like this. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend that people go out and buy random domain names simply because they hear that others are doing it, but you probably shouldn’t look at me for investment advice around new gTLD domain names or the Chinese domain name market!

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. If the .io folks would drop their reg fee those would all be gone also. Im actually surprised they’re not and still avail-we own two NNN.io names.

  2. Back in May when .club had it’s 1st anniversary they had $1 promotion.
    At that time i picked up 100 nnnn’s.

    I also ckecked yesterday and all the nnnn are gone but get this.All 8,000 consonants are gone too,what was not registered the registry took them.

    Ckeck whois yzr.club and there is no registrant and the name is taken.

    My take from this is that the .club registry did so well with LL.club at the auction the other day that they took all the LLL.club consonants away.

  3. Where will it all end?

    One reason for .xyz selling out may be the cheap reg fee, at Namecheap they are around $2 right now.

    Don’t know what the .club reg fees are, surprised China would be interested in .club, but then again they are interested in the .top extension too.

  4. In the past 3 weeks my company has regged about 300 only NNNNN.co & NNNNN.xyz because the majority of NNNN .clubs were taken .

    It was quite a surprise then to learn now how almost every decent NNNN & NNNNN club, xyz & co are now gone within a 3 week or less period.

    Chinesedomains dot xyz takeover is now here!

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