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I don’t own a single .ME ccTLD domain name, and I have no plans to buy one any time in the near future, but I thought the following press release issued by the .ME Registry was interesting. They are partnering with WordPress to offer a URL shortener on the WP.me domain name.

In my opinion, this is a great marketing idea for the registry, because a domain extension’s usage in the market place is what makes consumers aware of its existence, leading consumers to purchase these domain names, which in turn adds value to owners of premium domain names. The more value they have, the more investors and consumers will want to purchase them – making it a win/win for all parties.


More than 225,000 bloggers will now be directing readers to their latest posts using a .Me domain extension, thanks to a newly announced partnership between the .ME Registry and popular blog creation site, WordPress.com. The agreement led to the creation of WP.Me – the world`s first two-letter .ME domain. WordPress is now offering the domain as a URL shortener…allowing its hosted bloggers to provide abbreviated links to their posts, and making it much easier to promote those links on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

“These short links are about 70 percent smaller than the permalinks for a given post,” says Matt Mullenweg, a co-founder of WordPress. “Thanks to our friends at the dot-ME Registry, WordPress is able to offer one of the shortest and most
effective URLs available today.”

According to Mullenweg, WP.Me is different from other URL shorteners in a variety of ways:

* Every blog and post on WordPress.com will now have a WP.Me URL.
* They only work with WordPress.com-hosted URLs.
* The links are permanent and will work as long as WordPress.com is around.
* WP.Me is spam-free because WordPress constantly monitors and removes spam from WP.com.

“Dot-ME embraces and celebrates this kind of innovation,” says Predrag Lesic, Executive Director of the .ME Registry. “In the short time dot-ME has existed, our domain extension has broken many barriers to become so much more than just another ccTLD. WordPress saw the potential of dot-ME and we applaud them for it.”

Visit WordPress.com to learn more about how to get your very own WP.Me URL.


  1. Hi there

    I think these are great news, as I have also invested in couple of .me domain name IDN.me and one more.

    I hope ,me goes up for prices in the near future.

    Cheers to Blogger

  2. This seems to be more a marketing campaign for .me than for wp. WordPress also owns wp.com after buying it from Yahoo a few months ago, so why don’t they use wp.com as an URL shortener?

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