When Pitching Savvy End Users, You Need to Know Your Stuff


Braden Pollock is an active buyer of domain names, primarily in the legal sector. His domain name properties are either fully developed or they forward to a portal where the traffic is monetized in one of several ways his company generates revenue.

Braden forwarded me an email from a domain investor that was pitching him a domain name and touting that it is “the exact match of the search term.” One important thing struck Braden with this sentence: the keyword term has ZERO search volume. Basically, who cares if you own the exact match domain name for a search term if NOBODY is searching for it.

The pitch also described the domain name as “category defining” and “premium,” and I would say that those terms are both misused in this particular pitch. Braden also noted that based on similar emails he has received, these terms are being overused for domain names that certainly do not merit those labels

I agree with Braden’s assessment about this, and what also struck me is that the sales pitch that was used sounded familiar. It was a very similar version of the end user sales email I posted on my blog a couple of years ago. Well, it was nearly identical aside for a few changes, and I found it quickly on Google by copying a full sentence.

If you are going to pitch a domain name to a savvy buyer, you need to know things like search volume and not waste your time on worthless domain names. It’s bad enough to register a name that would likely sit unvisited even if developed, and it’s even worse to try and pawn it off on someone else. You can use the best sales letter in the world to sell your domain names, but if they are worthless, you can’t really expect someone to pay you to take them off your hands.

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  1. Don’t you really mean, a bullshit artist….a person who can sell ice to an Eskimo? A salesman who bleeds for a sale 🙂

  2. Hahaha – That is so funny. People do this all the time. While I was reading through your article I was chuckling to myself thinking, ‘man – this sounds so familiar, I just got pitched yesterday from someone wanting me to buy a long tail keyword riddled domain name”. So this article struck home for me.

    The person wanted me to buy something like bestcoffeeshopsinatlantageorgia dot com.

    LOL – anyway, thanks for the good read.

    Choosing The Right Domain Name

  3. None of this information above applies to “new branding” or “back branding” domains, nor Future Trend domains.

    The great thing about domain investing is that NOTHING is written in stone, although there are some old timers who would like to believe it does.

    I sell tens of thousands of dollars in domains that have no traffic, no google page results, no google search term quantifiers… just pure solid memorable, upcoming killer domains that suddenly will pop up before you even knew the terms existed. This is the world we live in, folks. Forget the “limitations” and Leviticus-style lamentations of old dogs in this industry. They don’t want you to know this spooky area of domain investing exists, but it does.


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