What is Your Crown Jewel Domain Name?

As you may have noticed on Friday morning, Rick Schwartz put out a call for people to submit a “crown jewel” domain name for his purchase consideration. Well over 100 domain names were submitted for his review. Some of the domain names that people submitted and shared were fantastic and some were less than stellar:ย 

I want to open the floor for readers to submit the one crown jewel domain name that they own that stands out from the rest of their portfolio. For me and my company, I would say Embrace.com is the crown jewel in my domain portfolio.

What is your crown jewel domain name?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Our crown jewel is probably a toss-up between Nashville.com and Traveler.com (or maybe Cost.com or Sample.com). Not easy. Like asking a guy with five kids which is his favorite. I don’t think Rick could pick his #1 from his portfolio, either.

  2. The best of the best…BullShitWebsites.com

    Magna cum laude
    Graduate of Domain King Academy

    MBA-My Big Ass(all of you have one)
    PHD-people having dickheads

  3. SocialCasino.com – current markey cap is $5B for “Social Casino” category and going up exponenrially year over year.

    Closely followed by (these have hundreds of inquiries):

    USTube.com (UsTube.com)

    I agree with David, it’s not easy to pick your best.

    • Now you are a classic example of how some two word domains can be extremely valuable, and worth more than many one word and shorter. The casino, drug, and insurance domains are worth a fortune, and “Us Tube” is super super nice for an end user. The loan one is certainly also good even if not in the same league.

      • Thanks John, appreciate your kind words.
        We have lots of good two word domains. Hard to pick the best sometimes.

        We also have other that get tons of interest but we are not flippers so only sell to end users for good money:


        Even 3 word domains can be pretty valuable if good commercial combinations.

        • Yes, some 3 are spectacular. Occasionally even 4. On rare occasions even more can comprise a really good end user name, especially an already famous phrase. I used to cryptically refer to a 3 word .com worth 9 figures, but still can’t say what it is.

          I would say your “crown jewel” for commercial potential with that new batch is SexMD, followed by DrugMD. Or possibly in reverse order.

        • Please John, this is complete BS and you are only saying it because you have registered a bunch of 4 word .com’s.

          Companies are not interested in these long names anymore, they rarely sell.

        • You are just overly obsessed as usual. This time merely because I said “occasionally.” Personally I think I may have only two 4 word domains which are very good. I never think about them. I am “only saying” that because of being honest and have a thing for truth. As an end user, personally I would love to have 4 word domains like NewYorkRealEstate.com and SouthernCaliforniaRealEstate.com. They are super valuable, and I wouldn’t even be concerned about selling them, only monetizing them.

        • I owned at least two StateRealEstate.com domain names and I sold at least 15 – maybe more GeoRealEstate.com domain names. This kind of domain name would be a very low buy priority for me these days. I might buy opportunistically (at auction, for example), but I have not done any outbound to buy domain names like these for several years due to the low buyer interest. I still own a handful of city RealEstate.com domain names.

          For instance, I own NeedhamRealEstate.com. Needham, Massachusetts is a nice city of 30,000+ residents with relatively high annual household income over $150k (https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/needhamcdpmassachusetts) and fairly high home values (https://www.zillow.com/needham-ma/home-values/). I have not even received an inbound purchase inquiry for the domain name in several years despite Needham being a very hot real estate market. Go figure.

          What has your personal experience been with city or state RealEstate.com domain names?

        • Joey – when they were more in demand, I had some very nice sales for RE domain names covering cities in that population range. These days, I would agree but like everything else, there may be anomalous sales.

        • If you really like and believe in RealEstate.com domain names, PennsylvaniaRealEstate.com is being sold by NameFind for $25,000. You might even be able to negotiate a better deal with them. If you think domain names like these are “super valuable,” this would seem to be a good deal.

  4. I would think, it would be either domaininvestingsux.com or elliotsblogsux.com ๐Ÿ™‚ ( I couldn’t resist please accept my humble apology, did that sound sincere enough? )

    if not one of those … meth.com …

  5. more of an asset play than domain name only –

    exact match socials (facebook, twitter and instagram)

  6. Hard to pick one VTwin*com, Yummys*com both could be developed into viable online businesses. I have some nnnn.coms that have liquid value but other then selling them I don’t see how to make a branded website to sell products.

  7. My most valuable domain is worth some unknowable figure over $1 billion, essentially priceless is the proper term. If asked I would probably ask $700 – $800 million. Last time someone asked was many years ago, and at that time I said only around $12 or $16 million. The guy didn’t argue or dispute that at all, and even only said he hopes it happens.

    Caught people discussing it in a thread many years ago. Originally never thought I would ever get within a mile of it myself, but was surprisingly able to buy it in time. One of life’s ironies. The guy who sold it to me went on to have a distinguished career in his field, though was not yet in his field then, and in the years since I’ve seen clips of him being a guest to give his statement for certain things on national TV here and there.

    It is “short” and not long or multi-word. Just adding that before Snoopy comes around asking if it’s a three or four worder. Also, as usual I won’t say what it is now, and now’s still not the time.

    We’ve already discussed and argued about this before, so while I don’t see any point in doing it again, fire away if you want. Elliot. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But since you asked, felt in the mood again. And why not – it makes “good blog.”

    • Just because a domain name is priceless doesn’t mean you can sell it at any price. The only way your going to sell a domain name for 100 million is if you have already built a successful business on it.

  8. Elliot I see you now have only 9 domains showing on that site now. I’m surprised you would pick embrace.com as your #1. I would say revitalize has more potential, possibly much more.

      • Dude, you can’t be not having a link to your other domains not be appearing on the homepage, and only hidden within the text of an About Us page. Who made that decision? And I still do not find the acronym link anywhere on the site. Otherwise whoever made it did a nice job so don’t be hard on them.

        Just because people are more aware of Embrace.com and there have been more and better offers in the short term doesn’t mean Revitalize.com does not have more potential. It may be easier to sell the former for a good price if you wanted to in the short term, but eventually the health/nutrition/cosmetics industry could wake up to the fact that Revitalize.com even exists (especially with a little help), and once that happens all bets are off and very huge light bulbs can go off over their heads and lead to a much better sale. The commercial potential of that domain to such end users is remarkable, and huge. I can just see all the “Revitalize” infomercials now already, maybe even the magazine.

        • Most people do not know Embrace.com yet, so they end up on the internal pages via Google and more homepage links and text was not something I desired.

          That being said, it is a good idea and links have been added below the 9 example domain names. Thanks.

    • Thats sad, but i will wager you have more valuable domains than that but just don’t realize it. IMO its a safe bet because that domain is garbage. I mean don’t you think its going to be very confusing trying to market the domain to users.

  9. So I’m scrolling down the comments there at the Twitter post. Was going to pick out all my favs, but will just pick 2 top and 2 “honorable mentions”:

    These may be the two most valuable top picks there:

    1. Cellphones (Didn’t that one sell for $4m+ already? The story about the contract being slipped under the hotel room door?)

    2. Partners

    There are numerous others I would have put up top, but here are “honorable mentions”:

    1. LuxuryCondos

    2. BoardGames

    It’s possible I may have missed some while scrolling, though I doubt it.

    • Cellphones.com once sold for a lot, the term people now use is “mobile phones”. Cellphones used to be a huge term 20 years ago.

      • Was the term cell phone exclusive to the US? We always called them mobile (short for mobile phones), and now just “phone”, and still sometimes formally a mobile or mobile phone on website menus or catalogs and over 30s.

        It’s a problem if your business is global which is why I have an aversion to words that have a different spelling between english INTERNATIONAL / UK / AU / USA / CA. It might be more difficult for a North American native to distinguish terms and spelling vs international english speakers because we’re bombarded with US culture so are already aware of our local vs American things like condo being a North American word vs apartment or something else for the rest of the world. If your market is North America (US and Canada) a cell or condo in your brand can work, but it’s a clear fail elsewhere since these words are way too ethnic and odd sounding to be used even if we ‘vaguely’ know what they mean, like what a condo is exactly other than it’s short for a condominium and it’s like an apartment or maybe bigger…

        The US market is way bigger, so if you wanted to bank on an english term for trade, I guess the US version is your best bet.

        • Yes, it was a US centric term. Most countries used the term mobile phone even a long time ago.

          2006 onwards is when “mobile phones” really took over as the dominant term in the US and now cellphones is only 3% of the popularity. I think a lot of younger people wouldn’t even know what “cellphone” even means today.

          cellular phone
          noun NORTH AMERICAN
          noun: cellular phone; plural noun: cellular phones
          a mobile phone.

    • Wow and perfect. Get in touch with some of the big brokers, I know they’d love to represent this gem. Even easier to pronounce after a few drinks.

      • Yes, thanks.

        We are in search of a good ‘Broker’ or ‘Branding agency’ to promote & sell both the domains ‘Insyore.com’ & ‘Insyorance.com’.

        Both the domains might suit start-ups & corporate cos.

        • I was joking of course. I would be very embarrassed to own such a domain, so I am also very embarrassed for you because such a great bucket of shame cannot be carried alone. #CareForEachOther #WithYou #GetWellSoon

        • Everybody can’t own ‘Insurance.com’ costing Us$35 milion & so ‘Insyorance.com’ is the next available ‘1-word’ & ‘brand-able’ dot-com name for the billion-dollar insurance industry.

          You keep on tracking the weekly domain sales, you will find it getting sold to industry leader soon…!

          Of course, not me, you carry ‘the said bucket’! It can be seen from your comments on others domains.

        • Come on baby lets get real, now mostly I don’t like being sarcastic which my reply was, I think its a rather low form of humour most of the time. But you’d need to be drunk…try saying it…it sounds like a drunk is saying it. I can’t believe I’m responding to this…I can’t…

        • Jack is doing good and doing you a favor. Look at what I also wrote to Mark below. You should have seen right away where he was coming from with “Even easier to pronounce after a few drinks.” Or is English not a primary language for you? That may explain and would make sense, so perhaps just an honest misunderstanding. Otherwise if you persist you are in serious denial and delusion about a domain like that, making a big mistake, and it’s only going to cost you time and money and possibly more.

  10. It’s a toss up between PrivateInvestor.com and PrivateMoney.com however, I have a few others listed on TopRankedDomains.com that I could easily add to my list of “crown jewels”!

    • I noticed those two at the tweet. Yes, they are both great domains. However, you need to start over with the domains on your site. I was looking at the list and just scrolling down the .coms only using Ctrl + f. I got down into the “e’s” before it stalled for some reason. This is friendly well intended advice: they are almost all worthless, and you need to let more or less all of them go and start over. I’m inclined to guess the ones beyond “e” will probably be 99.9% the same. Focus only on the kind of quality you have here with those two. Also keep this in mind: other people who agree with me will quietly think the same thing, but I’m one of an extremely rare few that will ever tell you. Others will not say anything because they either don’t care, don’t want to waste their time, view letting you implode as a way to possibly get your two good ones there for cheap later when you are wondering what happened and may feel the need to sell quickly perhaps, or don’t want to risk the flack that might happen from you with a word like this. But take my word for it: there are many people including in this thread who can tell you so many of the domains there are worthless and you need to start over. And many of us have done the same thing, so you are not alone. I must’ve already discarded a few thousands domains over the years after becoming better and learning more. This is well intended advice and meant to do you good.

    • I managed to scroll down into the “S’s” there now. You definitely do have at least one more “crown jewel” there, so you don’t need to waste time and money on the vast mountain of the worthless ones. You also have another quite good one I noticed, so that’s at least two more good ones. So there may even be some I missed, and you may even have some great ones after “S.” Just do yourself a favor – let all the bad ones just go and just rebuild starting over with your best few, and be disciplined and a constant learning machine about what really has value and is a “normal” good phrase.

  11. With all due respect are you kidding me? A misspelling of Insurance? Who would pay much of anything for that. Bigcarat? BoardGames.com sounds good but who wants it?
    I have not seem many or any great domains in all these posts. None I would even want. I guess Embrace.com is the best one but I do not love it. Sorry Elliot. Rick wanted TOP domains not these mediocre at best examples. As we all know domains are NOT liquid. Take Embrace.com as that is the best example.
    What would any of YOU write a check for? Sure when a large company wants it……………….But that is not the norm.

    We have to get lucky and run across the exact right buyer. To me the best domains are the top for what they are. I have many great domains. They are very hard to sell. Major companies are stupid.
    Here are a few examples of good not great domains that are tops for what they are and today’s prices.

    When others submit their domain they should put a price and not go fishing.
    Today’s prices. Not Tomorrow. They all SEEM so cheap.
    Animation.com 175K
    Brochures.com 101K How can Vista Print not buy this even if they do not need it?
    GolfLessons.com 85K How can the PGA not buy this?
    Zoning.com 45K
    BuyOneGetOneFree.com 99K
    Have a nice day.

    • Note that I only have BoardGames.com under “honorable mentions” merely based on my feelings about the submissions of others. In one sense that one is kind of passe, but in another sense the current global reality can breathe new extra life into it, especially in the US. Board games are still a thing, and it’s still a good domain. Did you look at the tweet? That’s where all the submissions are.

      BuyOneGetOneFree.com – is that yours? A great and classic example of when even more than a 4 word domain is extremely solid and valuable. Snoopy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. BTW I am a buyer of certain domains related to buying gold, jewelry, coins watches and misc. Feel free to email. Rlondon@guesswho.com
    Two word domains are fine ever three if they are good for example, WeBuyUsedCars.com. This is another example of dumb companies. WeBuyAnyCar, Auto Nation, Car Max, CarVana etc should buy this just to stop someone else from using and branding it.

    One last comment. Most sellers do not understand that the domain while being key, is only a SMALL part of building a new site or business. To pay a big price for a domain, perhaps over 100K, means also spending hundreds of thousands on the site. Even if a company is going to re brand the expenses are high.

    • One of the more famous Rick’s first rules of domaining is to never sell to a domainer. I’m pretty much in agreement with him on that.

  13. BoardGames.com sounds great. But what would you do with it? You cannot sell games and try and compete with the big boys. Many if not most times when I see something on a site I have never used, I try and see if it is on Amazon. It is easier and faster to buy there. Also I do not have to give my info to some new site.
    I purchased chessboards.com for around 15K years ago. Still have it. I had thought that is is the number one domain for what it is. People love chess and a new board would be a nice present. I tried to sell it to House
    Of Staunton for only 20K. They are the largest online chess people. They were too cheap. Most people never heard of them, They would get good organic traffic using chessboards.com and redirecting the domain to them. So hard for companies to understand. 20K is nothing these days. Half of an average car. They should buy it just to own it for future use!

    yes BuyOneGetOneFree.com is mine. I also bought BOGOF.com to go with it. 100K is nothing but no one even asks the price! This is a site that could get built……………..

  14. KeyInsight.com

    Even better than buying one domain name we have just built a property listing site and are looking for an investor for the 14 domain we are currently building out. Drop me a line at TechnologyGroup.com for more info

  15. Cherished.com

    and various others.. It’s hard to pick the best one when you have some many which are great for different areas of business. For example.. Cloud Accounting is a billion dollar sector, so CloudAccounting.com would be my favourite in that sector.. And for travel is would have to be Breaks.com as its one of the most popular travel terms used through Europe.

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