WarStrategy.com – For Sale


Domain Name for Sale: WarStrategy.com
Buy it Now Price: $4,500.00

Creation Date: July, 2001
Domain Registrar: eNom

I really like this domain name and think it would be the perfect site for either a MMO gaming website or a portal for war strategy games. Incidentally, Name Administration owns the longer tail WarStrategyGames.com.

Both WarStrategy.net and WarStrategy.org are registered by others. I have not changed the DNS since buying it a couple of months ago, so I don’t know if there’s any traffic. I should probably change it though, so perhaps by the time you read this the DNS will already be changed.

This will be listed for sale in a couple other places, so the first one to post “sold” will get it.


  1. Great domain, Elliot. Frank Schilling actually owns warstrategies.com, which he has listed for sale on his Domain Name Sales web site.

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