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When I added the two comment buttons, the only feedback that was negative was that “agree” and “disagree” didn’t always make sense. Someone recomended that I change the buttons to like and dislike, and it seems that they are working well for the most part.

I have not had any complaints since I added the like and dislike buttons, but I received one yesterday. I am interested in knowing your opinion on the like and dislike buttons now that you’ve seen them and have been using them for a couple of weeks.

Please vote in the poll below and let me know if I should keep them or get rid of them. I will strongly consider the feedback the poll provides.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Keep them as it is such a simple thing yet I feel has been cuttin down on trolling significantly.

    I would however see if you can just change them to a thumbs up and thumbs down icon. Less “offesive” and less likely to make someone at Facebook or who bought too much Facebook stock unhappy.

    • There isn’t a whole lot you could do about it anyway because I think FB took the thumbs up too. And if it isn’t FB most other clever ideas have someone behind them as well.

      At least with the thumbs up you can do like a different color or style than FB uses and you are in the clear on the thumbs down. Frankly you should go patent or trademark the thumbs down idea because it’s only a matter of time before FB starts with that too.

  2. I would keep them. I think it helps to improve both the reader and the commenter. I don’t like having my comments voted down – but there is something to be learned by seeing that. Maybe I didn’t fully express my thoughts? Maybe I am wrong? I like the feedback.

    I think many people will not take the time to comment, but if they can simply click a links – that communicates a lot.

    It also helps to identify the goofballs…. In the Group Domain Evaluation thread you were concerned that something was wrong when a poster quickly had 26 dislikes on one of their comments. They ended up with 50.

    Lastly, as just a thought… you may be able to strengthen the quality signal of the like/dislike if only registered users could use it – or those with Gravatars enabled…. just a thought.

  3. Your blog, your call

    My personal opinion is that it doesn’t add anything. For example, in your “group appraisal” post, I saw alot of random likes and dislikes with respect to names posted. Without an accompanying explanation, it just looks like drive-by trolling.

  4. Your decision, but since you are asking: I was lamenting only yesterday how the like & dislike buttons seem to have lowered the general quality of your blog. Sorry.

    First of all, let me say that I really like your blog; you have consistently high-quality content with many intelligent readers and commenters and with blissfully few exclamation marks, namecalling, caps lock YELLING and other typically trashy characteristics that are found in so many other places.

    However, the recently added like and dislike buttons actually lower the threshold for trolling in my opinion. Trolls do not even have to formulate a complete sentence anymore, they can just randomly click dislike everytime they’re in the mood, and they are in the mood quite often. AB’s expression ‘drive-by trolling’ is actually quite suitable. Do you have a perceived ratio of submitted likes to dislikes? My guess would be 1:3, 1:5 or even more.

    I guess in the end it depends on where your wish to take the blog. Like and dislike buttons are definitely bread and circus to the people, which has a value of its own.

    *taking cover and waiting for the flood of dislikes :)*

  5. Like & dislike..
    I must say its such limited tools.
    Lets say i post a logo for my new site .
    Either you can like or dislike ( Makes sense to calculate the votes and to make decision )
    The problems lies :-
    Lets assume that Mr x
    listed 3 domains
    Now, the problem is :
    I like
    and i dislike
    so, what are my option here?
    or should i just ignore like or dislike because it doesn’t show my real thoughts about the domains.
    Having said that, i happen to click those button from time to time.. 😉

    • p.s I would rather have a Alert & Ignore button
      so, when i click Alert button i will get email of that particular person post or comments that he makes in the future. Which means that the person is a reliable and i will like to get alert from the post or comments he makes.
      Showing the counter in the alert button will show how many person has trigger the Alert Button .

      Just my 2 cents

  6. I’d can them. Seems some just like to click the ‘dislike’ button just to be mean. If you go back through some of the recent posts with them, you can see a lot of posts with ‘dislike’ and the posting itself was arbitrary or was non-opinionated on anything! But for some, just being mean, be it to someone they just dislike, or just because their parents raised them that way, is ‘fun’ to them. Thus those posts in question get viewed with apprehension to those that may wonder ‘why’ the dislike. But bottom line, it’s your blog and what works for you, is all that really matters.

  7. I think you should have a thumbs up and a thumbs down and one in the middle shooting a bird ( you know the finger) that has a paypal button that can only be used after a one dollar donation to Elliots blog. I think it would fun and you can make some extra money. LOL

    • LOL

      Although I appreciate the idea, I’d rather people donate to the Ronald McDonald House instead of sending me money.

      I am very fortunate to have supportive advertisers on my blog.

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