Video: Frank Schilling Shares Domain Investment Tips

Frank Schilling retweeted a link to a video I thought you might find interesting. In the video, Frank shares some domain name investment tips with Chris Burgess. He also shared a bit about how learned about domain names and got started with his business.

According to the YouTube description, the video was produced “On behalf of Cooper Mills Lawyers and DNTrade.”

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Ultimately to sell a domain, someone has to be willing to pay money for it. There are indicators that someone might value a keyword…

    Google Keyword Planner search volume for the exact phrase
    Advertisers for a particular keyword
    Facebook profiles with that keyword
    Youtube channels with that keyword
    Twitter profiles with that keyword

    TLD cannot be overlooked as .COM has far more recognition than other extensions.

    An interesting comment by Frank Schilling was that 99% of the world’s population does not own a domain.

  2. Certain people step up within an industry to innovate and shake things up a bit. Frank is one of those people. It’s timely that Uniregistry came about when it did because some of the old registrars had grown stale, and they no longer valued their customers enough. Which is one reason there’s been a gradual exodus away from these these companies and to Uniregistry in particular.

  3. Well that was a very enjoyable interview, and the first time I’ve seen F.S. on video.

    Some great lessons for .Gold there too:

    1. @4:56 in the video: As I have expressed before, the outside-the-box notion of “Gold” is immensely more vast than the immediately obvious plain literal application, and is so ingrained into people’s minds that it is intuitive and instinctive. Hence in Frank’s mind as others have expressed in so many ways before, metaphorically domain names are “gold” (or whatever precious object he had in mind, though “gold” is primary in common speech and writing) and the process of finding good and valuable domain names is analogous to “mining.” Multiply that particular thought times the innumerable ways and subject matters in which the same analogy of “gold” is used to symbolize what is best and most desirable and valuable in people’s minds about something. (Including the rather funny Seinfeld “That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!” clip Elliot posted recently.) πŸ™‚

    2. @13:58 in the video: “And so you need to look for something that has legs over the long run, […] that has a low cost of renewal.” It’s no secret – everyone knows high pricing is a huge turnoff, hence .Gold languishing at only a few thousand regs and virtually no mention by anyone ever, despite how the same people who never even mention it continually employ the “gold” metaphor to describe virtually anything and everything. If Frank and his registry were publishing the .Gold TLD, however, I suspect it would priced in a far more adoption-friendly way, and the more flexible outside-the-box way of using it which potentially applies to every subject under the sun, and which people all over practice and express instinctively every day in many ways, would be conceived rather than an extremely limited inside-the-box plain literal notion restricted only to literal gold itself.

    And that’s my visionary two cents, free of charge. πŸ™‚

  4. the best domain investing tip is start buying domains on 15 March 1985.
    now if you don’t have wad’s of cash the only thing to do is scan the auctions and drop lists and pray.
    when i think of the stuff i ignored on godady auctions in the last 10 years i weep.

  5. I loved hearing this interview. You are absolutely correct and it is never too late .. .except for the foolish .. So much opportunity now and always has been. Thank you Frank for reminding people that the time is now and so is the opportunity.

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