Uniregistry Launches Blog with Industry Writers


Uniregistry launched a new corporate and domain industry blog yesterday called Uni Blog. Of particular interest to readers is that Jamie Zoch, Alvin Brown, and Alan Crowe are three of the announced “content contributors” to the Uniregistry blog. Uniregistry Founder Frank Schilling and VP of Sales Jeff Gabriel will also be publishing articles on the company’s blog. The Uni Blog can be found at Uniregistry.com/blog.

In the first public blog post on the Uni Blog, Jeff Gabriel announced several of the topics that will be covered on the blog. I am most interested in reading about the company’s sales data and success stories, a well as some brokerage sales tips. I have emailed Jeff about domain name sales I discover that I believe took place via Uniregistry, and it would be great to see more of these stories become public. I would also suggest a weekly or monthly sale report covering its publicly reportable and notable domain name sales.

Although the Uni Blog was just launched yesterday, it looks like the company has been adding content for several months. On the right sidebar, I can see a few news articles in addition to a couple of articles with domain name tips.

It would be great if Jamie continues his Domain Movers series on the Uni Blog or something else along those lines. Jamie’s intuition and in-depth knowledge about the domain industry has made him one of the top journalists in the domain industry. I follow him on Twitter but I have missed his articles on DotWeekly. It would be great to see him publish articles regularly on the Uni Blog.


  1. Thanks Elliot for the nice words and suggestions! We have been working behind the scenes for months and lots of great and helpful things are to come. I’ll talk with the team and see what kind of “Domain Movers” we can come up with. Expect to see a lot more sales data, buying/selling stories and much more helpful info from the Uniregistry team.

  2. Wow, this is a great development.

    That sounds pretty unequivocal, where Jeff Gabriel has written:

    “We will be covering a variety of topics this year, including but not limited to…

    “Sales data and success stories.”

    The last published Uni sales report was Q1 2018 and I found it extremely useful as reported at DNjournal:


    I also hope the blog provides an update on Frank Schilling’s November tweet where he said:

    “…we are launching the greatest piece of sales infrastructure ever launched to sell a domain name. Nobody innovates like Uni.”

    (The expected launch date for this was projected to be some time around August.)

  3. As a fan of Frank’s SevenMiles defunt blog I cannot wait to start reading again juicy purchases/sales stories, advices, … from Frank, Jeff, …

    Congrats Jamie, Alvin and Alan on joining the Uni’s blog.

    The blog news headlines should start to be present in domaining.com and probably other aggregators in the next days.

    That’s a great idea, a true gift for the domainers community. I am really happy.

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